[Forestry 101] Planting Trees

November 18, 2021

Welcome to your next “Forestry 101” lesson of the Farming Simulator Academy! Today, we’ll show you how to plant trees. Let’s go!

(Video coming soon!)

What You Need

  • You need a tractor to attach and operate the tree planter.
  • You need a tree planter for well... planting trees. You find planters in the “forestry equipment”-section of the dealership.
  • You need tree saplings. You find those in the “pallets”-section of the shop. Here, you can choose between the different types of saplings. Just bear in mind, you can’t change your decision, like with crop seeds. If you want to plant another type of tree, you have to buy a new and corresponding pallet of saplings.  

Find out more about tree types!


  • You need a front loader attacher, a front loader and a pallet fork if you want to store your pallets of tree saplings at your farm or want to transport it to the field for refilling. To be able to use the front loader on the tractor, you must first purchase the necessary attachment from the dealership. To do this, drive the tractor to the dealer, park the machine in the vehicle options field and select the appropriate attachment.

Decorative Landscaping

In the building mode, you find a varied selection of trees in the landscaping tab. You can choose from different sizes. The higher the tree, the more you have to pay. You can decorate your farm and properties with those trees - they're not recommended to use for actual forestry.

Equipment Selection (recommendation) 

We selected the following equipment to plant trees. Of course, you can make your own decisions to purchase vehicles and tools - like the tractor. Take the power requirements of tools into account and look for the icons in machine descriptions: Whether a planter is an actual tree planter, is indicated by the tree symbol when you look at its shop page at the dealership.

  • Tractor: John Deere 7810
  • Weight: AGCO 1500
  • Tree Planter: Damcon PL-75
  • Front Loader: Hauer XB 190
  • Pallet Fork: albutt

Let’s go to work!

Unlike crops, like wheat or potatoes, you don’t have to prepare your soil. You can plant trees on any kind of soil. There is no need for cultivating, plowing or applying fertilizer and pesticides. 

Step 1: Filling the machine

Position the rear of your tractor, with the weight attached in the front, behind the tree planter and attach it. Then fill up the machine by placing the tree planter next to the saplings and press the fill button - it is indicated in the control info box in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Planting Trees

Position yourself on your property, where you want to plant your trees. Lower the machine, turn it on, and start driving carefully in a (preferably) straight line. The tree planter will automatically plant one sapling after the other. Fill it up again, if all saplings are in the ground and you want to plant even more trees.

Step 3: Wait for it and watch it grow!

Now, all you have to do is wait. If you want to know how long the different types of trees take to grow, take a look at the table below. 

The next step is, in case you didn't just plan to reforest your land with happy little trees, the harvest of wood. We cover wood harvest in the next tutorial.

Well done!

Congratulations, you have successfully finished another lesson! Keep at it, and you'll be a top-notch virtual farmer in no time with Farming Simulator Academy!

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