Kubota Pack For Farming Simulator 22 Coming Soon!

May 17, 2022

Kubota is finally entering the Farming Simulator universe! When we released our little teaser last week, a lot of you guessed the right brand (although the derivation was mostly a bit too creative - more on that below). 

The upcoming extension, included in the Year 1 Season Pass, for Farming Simulator 22 is actually the Kubota Pack! Eleven new machines and tools as well as a new feature for multiplayer fans are included. It's coming June 28th for PC and consoles. Pre-order now! In selected regions, a boxed PC version will be available - check with your local retailer!

Welcoming Kubota with new vehicles and tools

Included in the pack is the Kubota M8, the largest tractor of the multinational corporation Kubota that originated in Osaka, Japan, over 130 years ago. Also included are the M5, M6, and M7 series as well as a wheel loader, a skid-steer loader, and other heavy machinery by Kubota, to handle day-to-day farming tasks like loading and transporting goods with modern, versatile and powerful tools.

Two UTVs like the popular “Sidekick”, can quickly deliver products. Or even your friends! Up to four people can ride in the Kubota RTV-X1140 - with three players in the passenger seats of the utility vehicle. Fans of the brand who want to show off their affiliation can also find new, company-branded Kubota clothes in the virtual wardrobe. 

  • Kubota M8 Series
  • Kubota M7 Series
  • Kubota M6 Series
  • Kubota M5 Series
  • Kubota M77
  • Kubota LA 2255
  • Kubota R640
  • Kubota SSV75
  • Kubota SVL97-2
  • Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick
  • Kubota RTV-X1140

Get in the passenger seat!

With the Kubota Pack comes another neat feature, most interesting for multiplayer farming: functional passenger seats. Not just for the above-mentioned UTVs by Kubota. But for all UTVs, cars, and trucks.

So, if you want to drive to the dealership with your friends to acquire some new vehicle, you can share a ride. The Kubota Pack is required to use the feature. 

Get more content with the Season Pass!

If you want to extend your copy of the game with loads of new content - you might want to take a look at the Season Pass! Especially, since you save money compared to buying the packs and expansion separately. More content coming soon!

All hints in the pre-announcement teaser

This was easy, wasn't it? Although most of you got it right, we saw a lot of grasping at straws and making connections that were coincidences at best. So, pack away your whiteboard full of screenshots and red strings - since it did, in fact, seem to drive you crazy...

  • The pixelated tractor was, of course, the Kubota M8.
  • The tractor being an "office" is a spin on Kubotas product description of the M8. 
  • The Kubota slogan "For earth, for life" is in there.
  • You can see more wire-framed vehicles and tools in the video.
  • The binary code says "t-7", a countdown leading up to the announcement.
  • The riddle (using Caesar's cipher") says "a circle with many centers and no circumference" - in reference to a short novel by a renowned Japanese author. It's not an intentional reference to any logo or mathematical problem. 

But, we bet, you can't crack that code hinting at the next pack:

.- .-.. ... / --- -...

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