Antonio Carraro Pack - Fact Sheet Collection

March 18, 2022

For all of you machine enthusiasts, we share more details on the machinery in the Antonio Carraro Pack coming to Farming Simulator 22 on March 22nd. Find the Fact Sheets below. Every Friday upon release, we share a couple of new Fact Sheets.

Haven't seen the announcement for the Antonio Carraro Pack? We're extending the game with ten compact and versatile tractors by Antonio Carraro for your vineyards, orchards and grassland activities.

List of Fact Sheets

Friday, March 18th

Friday, March 11th

Friday, March 4th

Fact Sheets are posted on our social media channels, and we collect them right here in this article to provide you with an overview in case you missed them on DiscordFacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Subscribe to our channels and don't miss the announcements of new brands and machines coming to Farming Simulator 22!

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