[Ground Working 101] Plowing & Cultivating

November 18, 2021

Welcome to the Farming Simulator Academy! Today, we show you what you need to know about plowing and cultivating. Let’s take a look.

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Differences between plowing and cultivating

While plowing turns over the soil, bringing the lower soil up to the top, cultivating is loosening the top layer of the soil.  In Farming Simulator, the more time-consuming plowing is rarely necessary, though. In most cases, cultivating will suffice. 

Depending on what kind of plow or cultivator you are using, different sized stones will turn up on your field. Both plows and cultivators have an impact on your yield.

Tip! Stones left on the field can damage your machines

Tip! Large stones need to be removed with a stone picker tool.


Plowing is needed after you harvested root crops, like potatoes, corn, and sugar beet. Plows can also create fields - allowing you to extend a field, combine multiple fields, or create entirely new ones.

  • Regular plows are found in the plows category of the shop. They have high power requirements for tractors and a low operating speed. You can also create fields with them. Using a plow will prevent weeds from growing and increase the yield for the next harvest. Small stones will turn up on the fields. 
    • Tip! Driving speed of plows: 12kph
  • Spaders are pretty much the same as regular plows. They will not prevent weeds from growing, though, but increase the yield for the next harvest. 
    • Tip! Driving speed of spaders: 5-8kph
  • Subsoilers are a nice alternative to plows. You find them in the subsoiler category. They move much faster and have lower tractor power requirements.  But, you can’t create fields with them, and they won’t prevent weeds from growing. Also, large stones will turn up.
    • Tip! Driving speed of subsoilers: 12-15kph


You need to cultivate the field before sowing, so your crops can properly grow. Compared to plowing, cultivating is done much faster. But, they don’t prevent weeds from growing. 

  • Regular Cultivators and Shallow Cultivators are found in the “cultivators” category of the shop and differ in terms of working width and power requirement. They are the most effective against weeds, but dig up small stones.
    • Tip! Driving speed of cultivators: 15kph
  • Shallow cultivators have a wider working width and cover more ground while having a lower power requirement compared to regular cultivators. They won’t dig up stones. But, they’re more expensive and are not as effective against weeds.
  • Disc Harrows and Power Harrows are found in their respective categories. Disc harrows have lower requirements for tractor power, a lower price and higher working speed compared to regular cultivators. Disc harrows won’t dig up stones, but weeds will grow faster. A power harrow is also quite cheap, but needs more tractor power.
    • Tip! Driving speed disc harrows: 18kph
    • Tip! Driving speed of power harrows: 12kph
  • Direct Sowing Machines are special seeders found in the “seeders” category. Some seeders can cultivate, sow, and even fertilize at the same time. Their power requirements can be quite high, but the investment is worthwhile if you want to save time by combining multiple working steps. They won’t dig up stones, but weeds will grow faster.

Well done!

Congratulations, you now know when to plow and cultivate. Choose the right tool for your tractor and bank account! Stay with the Farming Simulator Academy and you become a top-notch virtual farmer in no time!

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