New to Farming Simulator? Tutorials for Beginners

January 10, 2022

Farming Simulator and it's scope of gameplay mechanics can be overwhelming when starting out as a newcomer. Cultivators, plows, subsoilers - what's the difference? And, isn't power harrow the name of a Swedish metal band or something?

In case you're absolutely new to the game, or tried to convince your non-farming friends to work on your virtual farm, you might relate. Maybe you need help. You've come to the right place!

Starting a tutorial series for Farming Simulator

With no experience in farming - whether real farming, or simulated farming - players might need a place to get some quick help. That's why we introduce the Farming Simulator Academy.

From "How to set up a save game?" and "how do I fertilize?" up to "how to plant and harvest grapes?" and more: Just in time for the release of Farming Simulator 22 on PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia, we provide beginners with an ongoing and growing series of tutorials. 

Video tutorials and help texts to teach the game

Today, a lot of players look for help in the form of instructive videos. The Farming Simulator Academy will touch basically all relevant topics, with short videos dedicated to each problem new players might encounter. As short as possible, as extensive as necessary.

By visiting, you'll also notice the Academy appearing on the menu bar. Click on "Tutorials" to get an overview of all currently available tutorials. Videos will be added as soon as they're done - as we're currently working on them.

Provide us with feedback and suggestions!

The Farming Simulator Academy will grow over time, with more and more tutorials being created and added to the list. Is there something missing, inaccurate, or too vague to help? Let us know and send an E-mail at

Note, the Academy is for absolute beginners. Do you need help on a specific, more in-depth problem? Try visiting our Discord server and official forums - full of seasoned farmers who gladly share their detailed knowledge! 

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