Alpine Farming Contest: Reactions + Honorable Mentions - Part 2

February 26, 2021

Let's get back to new Video Contest reactions from GIANTS Software employees and a new batch of honorable mentions! Thanks to all of you for your awesome submissions!

Did you miss part one of our reactions and a selection of cool videos? Head over to our first blog article and catch up!

After this blog article, you can expect to find out who's won the Alpine Farming Video Contest soon. And therefore find out, who gets to choose between a RTX 3080 graphics card, a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X! So, stay tuned and if you don't find your video listed below, there's still a chance you got to the finals. 

GIANTS' Reactions - Part 2

Honorable Mentions - Part 2 

The following videos (listed in no specific order) deserve an honorable mention. Even if there might have been some rule-breaking, disqualifying them from the finals or some other major inconsistencies, each video either was based on a very cool idea, showed some good filmmaking skills or was entertaining in some other way. We thank everyone for their contribution!

The Girls of Erlengrat by Pappy_Tractor

How lovely. Pappy wrote a particularly nice romance set in Erlengrat. In terms of story, execution and overall mood it was one of our favorites. The visual and stylistic inconsistencies in terms of editing aside, it's a great piece of a Farming Simulator story. Of course, we have to take into account that this was recorded on a console - which makes it more impressive and shows what you can accomplish with limited resources. Also, it has a happy end, and we were excited to see something entirely positive and life-affirming. Something that everyone can use right now - at least to some extent. 

A strange one by Sparky

During the video, we were questioning ourselves, what we're seeing and where it goes. After the video, we were questioning ourselves, what we just had seen. So, as the title suggests, it's about Fred the cow, probably more like a bull, but we'll let that slip. The ending is... definitely something. But let's just make this quick and say that it would've been more emotional if the video actually had spent more time on Fred instead of some farm work that more or less was necessary to feed him. For the most part, it's a collection of tool demonstration in four chapters. This way, the arc is not creating enough tension to justify the end. Otherwise, maybe that's a good thing? 

Another Love Story by Hribar GamingYT

Finally, a romantic one! Just when we thought, this year's submissions were to a degree kind of dark (we wonder why...), here comes Hribar and presents us with an innocent feel-good film that set our mood for Valentine's Day. Just a few notes, though - or rather questions: Is the first date a flashback? Does 'wanna come with me?' after honking with a tractor at a gas station really work? Is saying 'I love you' on the first date too soon? Why don't you all answer those questions? Write us at and tell us your stories you love birds! 

A fun genre mix by Canal GL

This one is a bit all over the place. In style as well as story. But it got one so we're intrigued! It has a pretty experimental feel to it, and it's clear that Canal GL had fun playing around with some creative ideas. Especially when we think about the tractor armada equipped with manure spikes bearing a trailer on tree stems - with the Bührer inside. Although some of us had seriously weird feelings in their stomach while watching this, it still looks fun and obviously works. The plot is a bit hard to follow in terms of why the things happen that are happening. But whatever!

Cinematic commercial by Eelco Bakker AgriVideo's

Another trailer for the Expansion, but with good editing, very cool shots and transitions, smart use of ambient sounds as well as moody music that's not going overboard as if it were the climax of a superhero movie. Well done. It has a very cinematic feel to it without being too pushy with effects. Or as if XTREME GAMING FEVER tried again with a good night's sleep after detoxing from a caffeine overdose. Our video editor would only criticize minor effect choices but otherwise come to the conclusion of it being a good game trailer. Other than that, we're just missing a story.

A VLOG by Guillaume's Vidéos

We're living in times in which almost everybody tries to be or at least can be some kind of content creator. Whether it's a blog, video channel, social media account or podcast. Everyone who has submitted a video to our contest is, by definition, a content creator. Guillaume went meta and made a video about a video blogger. In real influencer fashion with a soundtrack that would make TikTok representatives proud, we're presented with a video diary entry of our protagonist that resembles the sponsored advertisements by influencers. What that means is, we're seeing a commercial of Rigitrac from the perspective of a content creator. Narration, dialogue, company presentation and all. Good idea! Also, Ultrawide resolution - nice. 

Well... something by Il Giocatore Noob

Okay. Where to start? If anything, this video made us think and listen to our own emotions which revolve mostly around confusion and concern. Although the computer generated voice acting for multiple characters may be based on a language barrier, it definitely adds to the surreal charm. Same goes for the auditory inconsistencies for dramatic effect and the fact that the father doesn't seem to be one of the responsible types. But there's a happy end and everything works out fine. An emotional rollercoaster of a video with a story - exactly what we asked for! 

The Neat Trailer & Montage Parade

Nice Trailer by TheBigFarmer

Nice Mood by Gäuboden TV 2

A montage by kornproductions

Seasonal farming by BGamer 003

Low-fi montage by Playing Games

A Couple of Memes by Mr Zan

Thank you, everyone - and stay tuned!

We enjoyed every one of those videos above. If you didn't find your video here, it's probably because of one of the following reasons: You're still up for the finale and made it to the last three. Or, your video did not meet our criteria, maybe even broke some more important rules. Or it was just way too similar to videos in the list above and would've needed a bit more polish to make the list, too. But, don't get discouraged - we're excited about every submission and hope to see more in the future. And, of course, we hope you had fun! 

We'll follow this up with the winners real soon...

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