Meet our new Community Ambassadors! (We're still looking!)

December 07, 2020


Some time ago, we announced the Farming Simulator Ambassador Network (not to be confused with our Partner Program) - designed to strengthen the link between our community and us at GIANTS Software. We got many applications and the first ambassadors have been chosen in the meantime.

Let's introduce our group of Community Ambassadors from around the world! Below, you can see every recruited Ambassador that will be an integral part of our connection to an international community. Welcome, Ambassadors!

We're still looking - apply now!

We’re still looking for Community Ambassadors! See the list below for countries in need of an ambassador. If you think, you’re suited, apply and send us an E-Mail at! See the requirements to become Community Ambassador in our announcement!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and include links to your channels, website other references. Tell us why you’re the right person to become a Community Ambassador! If you’re a suitable candidate, we’ll contact you with more details.

Our Community Ambassadors







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