Farming Simulator Modding Tutorials 5.0 for free!

23 Février 2024

Take a look at the Farming Simulator Modding Tutorials Version 5.0. Here you will find the important information you need to get started with your mod.

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Farming Simulator Kids: First Gameplay Trailer + Release Date!

20 Février 2024

Got tiny farmers at home? Check this out: we released the first Gameplay Trailer for the upcoming Farming Simulator Kids - a whole new game for aspiring farmers of the younger generations.

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Employee Spotlight: Interview with Marc Schwegler

16 Février 2024

Making a video game is an art form, and you need specialized artists. Let's talk to our Lead Artist at GIANTS Software - Marc Schwegler.

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Farming Simulator 23: Free Content Update #3 feat. Kubota

14 Février 2024

There's free new content update for Farming Simulator 23 - yay! Download the latest update on Nintendo Switch or your mobile device and enjoy the addition of Kubota.

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Influencer Spotlight: Marlonn (En3rgie5)

9 Février 2024

With 8,500 hours spent playing Farming Simulator games, Marlonn aka "En3rgie5" is definitely one of our most dedicated content creators.

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Mod Team Spotlight: Vertex Dezign

2 Février 2024

We chatted with VertexDezign, who are an active part of the Farming Simulator modding community since 2008. Let's learn more about them!

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Influencer Spotlight: Ansgar Blauth (NPLAY)

26 Janvier 2024

Let's check out Ansgar from NPLAY, one of our content creators and streamers. With our Influencer Spotlights, we take a closer look at creative and engaged people from the Farming Simulator community.

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Free Straw Harvest Pack Now Available

23 Janvier 2024

Straw Harvest is back! Extend your agricultural operation in Farming Simulator 22 with the pellet industry and increase straw-based productivity.

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