L’équipe Hektar Helden remporte le premier Farming Simulator Championship

22 Novembre 2017

It’s Saturday, the final day of the first Farming Simulator Championship and after only 3 minutes the team “Hektar Helden” are about to load the few remaining bales on the bale wagon when the moderator shouts “And it looks like they could beat the fastest time!”. The crowd’s excitement over the unbelievable time changes into shock when the 20th and all deciding bale falls off the wagon. Their voices get louder again once they realize that even despite this misfortune it’s still possible to beat the already amazing time of 4:39:76 set by Vertexdezign one day earlier – almost one minute faster than the next best team Creative Mesh. They all hold their breath when the bale gets placed onto the wagon for the second time. And this time it stays stable. Now they just have to drive back all their vehicles. The time stops at 4:18.13 and thundering applause welcomes the new leaders of the competition.

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