Lizard Silverado 3500

Lizard Silverado 3500 truck that has 6 bodies to handle the various jobs on and off your farm. It has a standard body, Flat Bed and a service body, which can be used to refuel other vehicles. All have optional colors for various customizations

Basic characteristics of the equipment included in the mods:
- Silverado 3500: $29000
- Short Normal Bucket: $2000
- Normal Bucket: $3000
- Short Service Body: $2200
- Normal Short Service Body: $3200
- Short Flatbed: $2200
- Normal Flatbed: $3200

Silverado 3500 Specifications
- Power: Optional 401 HP with 8 gears, 445 HP with 10 gears and 550 HP with 6 forward gears, all with the option of manual or automatic transmission
- Maximum speed: 86,9 mph for the versions with 8 and 10 gears and 111,8 km/h for the version with 6 gears - Continental and Michelin tire options
- One Continental model and 4 sizes of Michelin tires, some sizes have dual rear options
- 6 models of rims for the tires, some options have different rim options and may not contain all 6 models
- Two models to change the front of the vehicle, this option also includes front lights
- 4 front bumper models, with color variations for the first and third model, the second model features the hook option, which becomes functional if you have obtained the Volvo DLC
- Optional LED bar, headlight with grille, and two beacon light variations
- Optional plastic, chrome or colored door handles, there is also the option with or without the footboard
- Optional fender extensions in plastic, colored and another model also plastic or colored
- Optional 4 tint tints for windows
- Optional plastic, chrome or colored mirror frames along with the option of plastic or metallic HoodScoop
- Two models of central console, interior color variation between black and orange is also included
- Optional two suspension models
- Optional single side or double rear exhaust, each option contains two tip models with two variations each
- Optional 4 wheel spacings
- Optional short or long chassis
- Different colors for customization
- Manual suspension animation
- Manual animation of the steering wheel column
- Has manual adjustment of the internal camera

Standard bucket specifications
- Optional Roll cage in metallic and black colors, each with a variation including a grid
- Optional metallic, black and colored bumper
- Optional box and bucket cover
- Optional fender extensions in plastic, colored and another model also plastic or colored, extension for double rear wheels is also available
- Optional antennas
- Two optional stickers
- Optional fixed, adjustable hitch, fifth wheel and gooseneck

FlatBeds Specifications
- Optional fixed, adjustable hitch, fifth wheel and gooseneck

Specifications Short Service Body
- Short Service Body has a capacity of 3000 liters of fuel
- Normal Service Body has a capacity of 5000 liters of fuel
- Both have optional fixed, adjustable hitch, fifth wheel and gooseneck

Changelog V2.0.0.0
- Added two-seater version of the Silverado 3500
- Added a new rim for two dually tires
- Now the standard body cover has a functional canvas, and can be opened and closed using the button corresponding to the closing of covers in the game

- Silverado 3500 Single Cab Price: $23,000
- Has the same options as the 4-seater version
Farming Simulator 22
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