Frühling 2K23

Welcome to Frühling, a small, dreamy region in central Germany.

The fictional map is designed for small to medium-sized machines. It has a beautiful, rustic farm, 14 fields, 6 meadows, 1 forest area and 1 building site. In addition, the map is already equipped with the most important sales and production points right from the start.

The farm includes cows and chickens. You can also expand your animals: 1 open cow pasture, 1 beekeeping, 1 sheepfold and 1 horse paddock are available for you. By the way, the pasture areas are AnimalGrazing ready.

The farm has 1 silage production (silo), 1 bale and pallet storage, 1 allotment garden (strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce), 1 strawberry jam production, 1 cheese production and 1 farm shop with opening hours.

By the way, the farm is the heart of the Frühling district and is a listed building. The farm is therefore not suitable for tearing down, but you can of course expand your business as you wish using the adjacent fields and forest areas as well as the construction area. A customized building menu with additional painting textures, trees and plants is available to you.

Frühling 2K23 is a detailed and idyllic map where you can unwind. True to the motto: Home is where the heart feels good... and if your heart says "yes" to Frühling 2K23, then I'm looking forward to welcoming you into my little world.

### ChangeLog

*Attention: This update does not necessarily require a new save game.
- Lights corrected on Claas Dominator “Frühling”.
- Added shadows on the tiles in the milking chamber
- Removed invisible collision at the production barn
- Road markings adjusted
- Fixed floating trigger at dealer
- Minor visual adjustments
- Made field 7 (farmland 10) sellable (only available with new savegame)

### ChangeLog

*Attention: This update does not require a new save game.
- Manure system: hose connection installed on the manure trigger of the cowshed
- New trailer: Abi 550 (Frühling edition) with 5,500 l for milk, water and liquid fertilizer added
Farming Simulator 22
202.77 MB
User Rating:
4.5 (2006)

Required Mods:

- Hessian Farm (By: BERNIE MW)
- Old Grain Mill (By: BERNIESCS)


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