Holder ED II

The dream of all small-scale farmers is finally coming true! The Holder ED II single-axle tractor has finally made its way onto your map. After years of development and numerous setbacks, it is finally ready for the market.

For only Your new best friend on your farm boasts an impressive 10 horsepower under the hood and travels slightly faster than walking speed. It also comes with appropriate tires for various terrains. Its simple coupling system is exclusively designed for attachments intended for the Holder ED II:

The plow: The foundation of any soil cultivation is the plow. An exclusively designed 1-share plow for the Holder is included in this package. It can also be reversed, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your dream furrows on your small farm.

The cultivator: But that's not all. With the cultivator, you prepare your soil for the upcoming sowing. With an impressive working width of 1.6 meters, your field will be prepared in no time.

The seeder: The high-tech device in the Holder universe is undoubtedly the seeder from Isaria. It can be used to sow all common types of crops. Its large wheels easily maneuver across any field, and the seeds are sown in no time.

This pack provides the basic equipment for small-scale farmers, but rest assured that more machines can be added in the future."

Shop Category: compact tractors
Price: 14.000 $
Plow: 990 $
Cultivator: 990 $
Seeder: 3.600 $
Power: 10 PS
Max Speed 10 km/h
Farming Simulator 22
24.52 MB
User Rating:
4 (326)


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