Map Objects Hider

If the mapper had other plans than you, stop making adjustments directly in the map and hide what bothers you.

This mod is based on the LS19 mod from Royal Modding and brought into the LS22.
Thanks again for the great mod in LS19 and for the permission to bring it into the 22.

Map objects like buildings, crash barriers, fences and much more can be hidden.
Onnly hidden objects can later be restored over the restore dialog.
This is saved in the savegame so that it remains permanently hidden as long as the map does not change.

Placables will be sold instead of hiding them. You need to have the permission to do this.
Trees will be deleted instead of hiding them.
Sold or deleted objects could not be restored.

But be careful!
- Not all object types and not all objects can be removed. (e.g. parked cars could not be removed)
- If you change the hierarchy of the objects on the map (e.g. by changes in the GIANTS editor), some objects may reappear and have to be removed again.
- If a mod map is not built correctly, removing some trees can cause the above problem.
- If buildings are not defined correctly in the map, this can lead to funny effects.
- It is possible to hide Map boarders. You could fall into nirvana then. Should not be done.

Changelog GitHub
- Fix for bug in menu that when closing all objects where only collisions were removed were completely hidden until restart.
- CZ translations added
- Fix for very large groups to hide them completely (Landersum)
- Fix for loading errors with certain map changes
Farming Simulator 22
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