Hand Plant Saplings

Have you ever wanted to plant just one tree, or do you long to plant trees in random locations to replenish the forests?
Well for a modest purchase price you will receive a shovel, backpack and a small storage box that will finally allow you to plant individual saplings without requiring heavy machinery.

- The shovel and backpack can be removed from storage or returned using the default 'Interact' key binding
- To fill your backpack select the shovel from the players hand tools, look directly at a valid sapling pallet and press the 'Remove from pallet' key binding.
- To plant a sapling approach the required area and position the marker, pressing and holding the 'Activate hand tool' key binding will start the planting sequence.
- To store saplings in the storage box, select the shovel from the players hand tools and press the 'Add to Storage' key binding.
- To return saplings to a pallet of the same tree type, select the shovel from the players hand tools and press the 'Add to Pallet' key binding.
- To remove saplings from storage, select the shovel from the players hand tools and press the 'Remove from storage' key binding.

Storage Box Placeable:
- Price: 3400 $
- Daily Upkeep: 2 $
- Storage Capacity: 10
- Backpack Capacity: 10
- Category: Tools

- Only one person can use the equipment at a time.
- Once removed from the storage box, the shovel will be stored with the player as a standard hand tool.
- If the player who is carrying the shovel leaves a multiplayer server or closes a single player game, the shovel will be automatically returned to the storage box.
- It is possible for admin or single player users to activate 'free-mode' allowing saplings to be planted in most locations.
- Planting is only possible on suitable ground types.
- All key bindings are displayed in the Controls (F1) help drop down and all non standard key bindings can be configured if required.
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