Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600

The first Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1200 was built in 1976 and the last U 1600 from the heavy series rolled off the production line in 2002. The Unimogs U 1200, U 1400 and U 1600 had a 6-cylinder engine.

The FS-Unimog has the following features:
- Available as U1200, U1400 and U1600
- Price: from $26,400 to $46,400
- 6 engine versions from 125 - 241 hp
- Top speed: 80 kph
- 7 platform configurations
- Capacity: 1500 l - 3600 l
- Front and rear hydraulics configurable
- 18 real Unimog colors
- 28 tire-rim combinations

Further configuration options:
- Air conditioning from Behr on the roof
- Forestry cage
- Corn grill
- Front bull bar
- Bull bar with dual headlights
- Bull bar on the roof
- None, one or two beacon lights
- With or without Unimog side stickers
- Three exhaust variants
- 4 additional roof lights
- Sun visor
- Horn with horn sound
- Front lamp protection grid
- Horseshoe on the radiator grille
- Color configuration of the cover
- Different colors and materials for the flatbed floor

The Unimog has additional working warning lights compared to other FS vehicles:
- Turn signal first and second trailer
- PTO shaft switched on
- Tipping
- 4WD (with VCA or Enhance Vehicle)
- Differential (with VCA or Enh. Vehicle)
- Handbrake (with VCA or Enh. Vehicle)
- Rotating beacon (per Giants standard)
- Fuel reserve light (per Giants standard)
- Gear shift indicator (the 4 lights in the center of the dashboard)

A separate truck bed concrete weight is available for purchase in the shop category "Weights":
- Price: $1,000
- Weight: 1,400 kg

Doors, windows and the roof hatch can be opened with the additional mod "Simple IC". If simpleIC is not available, then the doors, the rear window and the roof hatch can be opened by moving the mouse with the mouse button pressed.

The cover of the Unimog can be opened with the "N" key, the cover of the trailers with the "Y" key.

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