Production Info Hud

HUD display for productions that need attention.

The current version has the following possibilities:
- Display of active productions and animal sheds with their remaining time per resource. Including the animal sheds for feed, water and straw. Revamp Mix is also displayed as such.
- A production is only displayed if...
-- it has less than 2 months remaining runtime.
-- it has less than 50% fill level. (Except for Revamp Mix inputs, where this is ignored).
-- The production line is activated.
- The display is sorted by remaining runtime, whichever runs empty or is empty first is at the top.
- Productions that are full are still above. These are displayed from a fill level of 95% so that they can be run down before the production comes to a stop.
- Full animal houses can be switched off in the options.
- How many productions are displayed can be set in the options.
- The font size is adjustable.
- The position can be set to top centre, under F1 menu or under Vehicle Inspector Mod display.
- Input Filltypes can be deactivated for display in the productions. Useful for Revamp Boosters that are not to be delivered.
- Revamp boosters can also be completely deactivated in the settings.
- The list is updated every 5 seconds.

Production overview:
- This shows all fill types and how much of them is needed.
- The overview can be switched to per year, month or hour.
- The yearly view shows the estimated acreage needed for crops (without PF or bonuses).

Sales help:
- If the sales price trigger mod is installed, it is displayed if the price is good and the products are available for sale. The following applies here:
-- A sales price must be set in the sales price trigger and this must be exceeded.
-- The quantity selected in the options must be available in a silo or production (no animal sheds).
- The display shows what can be fetched from where and sold to where.

MultiOverlayV4 Hud Help:
- Right click on production name and/or filltype filters the list to the clicked one
- right click on remaining time switches to display of free capacity
- Left click on the production name opens the production in the menu (only for productions)

Please report bugs or suggestions for improvement on Github.

Upload on other sites only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO substitute link!
Modifying and re-uploading in whole or in part is not allowed!

* Enhanced animal system mod compatibility
- Overcrowding is now displayed with remaining time until the health in the shed decreases (quantity display in MultiOverlayV4 Hud shows the overcrowding number as negative quantity)
- Full is no longer displayed when overcrowding is allowed in the shed
* Production revamp compatibility
- Completely hidden productions and hidden production lines are no longer displayed in the hud and in the production overview
- Optional outputs are now also displayed in the production overview if they are entered correctly for boosters
- Optional outputs of boosters are now included if they are also input in the remaining time calculation
* Other
- Quantity for grouped food is now also totalled correctly
- Menu position of the production overview should now always be above the production menu item as originally planned, regardless of whether other mods add pages or not.
- Support of the VariableOpeningTime mod by displaying the next opening time or closing time.
- Improved icon
- Production Info Hud own display is now hidden when the Hud is hidden
- Inputs that are also outputs should now be calculated correctly and also displayed in the hud
- Fixed a bug that displayed animal sheds in the own display even though the fill level was still above 50%
- Productions that are always on according to the GTX production script and therefore cannot be switched off are no longer displayed when they are full
- Parallel feeding is now displayed individually if the feeds do not reach the same length
- More lines adjustable
- Translations in spanish and french added
- Fix for inputs that are also outputs
- Invisible productions from GTX production script are no longer displayed
- For productions with opening hours, the remaining time is displayed during the opening and therefore these are now already hidden earlier than 2 days
- Unterstützung einer ungefilterten Anzeige der Produktionsdaten im MultiOverlayV4 Hud (HappyLooser)
- In the production overview, the yearly view now takes into account if a production only runs seasonally or monthly.
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