Slip Destroys Fields

In reality, when the tyres of a vehicle spin on the field or on grass, the ground starts to rip up. With this mod, this can now also be simulated in virtual agriculture, so that, for example, grassland has to be reseeded with a weeder, which has a seeder, or the correct tyres have to be used in wet conditions.

In the game settings, the strength of the destruction can be selected in order to always get the optimal amount of destruction in every situation, or when playing with mods that influence the tyres (e.g. REA Wheels).
Likewise, you can set whether you want to be warned by a flashing text when the soil is being destroyed.

The following options are available:

- Little
- Medium (recommended)
- Much
- None

- When the ground is destroyed, the status of the respective field changes to " Cultivated". This is visually represented by the cultivator texture and particles behind the wheels.
- In the file registerSlipDestroysFields.lua, a tutorial is available for customising the strengths.
- If you have any questions, requests or problems, please feel free to contact the following email:
- There is also a GitHub repository available for the latest updates and direct support:

#Full local multiplayer and dedicated server support#

Info: If you have edited the mod yourself, you will have to edit it again after an update.

Changelog Version
- Removed unwanted debug text that appeared with additional wheels and slip
- Added particles when the wheel is turned with slip
- Added the ability to set in the game settings whether a flashing text indicates when the soil is being destroyed
- Added a notification that shows when settings have been changed
- Multiplayer problems fixed
- Dedicated server problems fixed
- REA_gui display problems fixed
- General small problems in combination with REA-Mod fixed

Changelog Version
- Dedicated server problems (Lua callstack) fixed. Sorry!
- Description adapted
- Russian translation added
- Fixed problems where the ground outside the field was destroyed

Changelog Version
- Added that in the game settings it can be set whether the edge of the field should also be destroyed or only the areas where there is actually farmland
- Problems with mod "UNIMOG U1200, U1400, U1600" fixed
- Error "has unknown specialization" fixed
- Game does not load with Hof Bergmann Beta Map fixed
- Added that in the game settings it can be set whether every field or only the own field can be destroyed
- Fixed an issue where the ground was not destroyed when driving backwards

Changelog Version
- Stones no longer appear when a wheel slips
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