Info Display Extension

A small mod to extend the displays.

Extends the Info Hud displays of
- silos
- Productions (incl. the display in the production menu)
- animal sheeds
- dung heaps
- trees
- Rollercoaster/Boatyard(Platinum DLC)
- Vehicles and attachments

Corrects display errors of PF in the total score.
Widened the info display.
Corrects incorrect display of feeding robots in alternative recipes for feed mixes.
Adds units of numbers where possible as not everything is in litres.

Upload on other sites only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO substitute link!
Modifying and re-uploading in whole or in part is not allowed!

Bugs and suggestions welcome on GitHub.

- When loading animals, the available quantity is now displayed for the own animals
- Display of the purchased working width for implements added
- Dirt in percent is now also displayed if the vehicle is dirty
- Power required corrected so that the standard damage display is there again
- Lua error for productions that do not belong to anyone fixed
- Outputs on animal stables extended
- Display of power requirement on store added for attachments
- Display of the power of vehicles
- Stock quantities no longer skip on 21:9 monitors
- Productions hidden by GTX production script are no longer displayed
- Extended display for Platinum DLC Rollercoaster and Boatyard (missing amount and remaining time)
- Formating corrected at animal sheeds
- Extended display for trees like growth status, diameter and age in hours
- Solve error in the quantities shown of feeding robots when the receipe has alternative fill types
- Added SV and PL translations
- Wider display of all info displays by 20% for better readability of quantities and volumes
- Display of the correct units for quantities for warehouses and productions
Farming Simulator 22
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