Simple Inspector

Simple Inspector shows a HUD overlay with vehicle statistics

Display Options:
- 4 on screen placement locations - each corner of the display
- Just your vehicles or all vehicles
- Speed of vehicles
- Fuel level of vehicles
- On Field Status, optionally with Field number
- Occupation status - Vanilla AI, AutoDrive, CoursePlay, user, or no-one
- CoursePlay course progression and time remaining, if applicable
- AutoDrive course time remaining, if applicable
- Fill level of vehicle and attached implements
- Damage warning if vehicle or attached implement is over threshold

Default Input Bindings:
Left Ctrl + Left Alt + Num Pad 9 : Reload configuration file from disk
Left Alt + Num Pad 9 : Toggle HUD Visibility

v1.0.2.4 :
- Add driving direction to speed display
- Add option to display even if the HUD is hidden
v1.0.2.3 :
- Format numbers with localization
- Fix top-left display to play nice with Precision Farming
- Add option to convert units for display
- Add Beacon Light indicator option
- Hide Inspector when positioned above map and chat is shown (MP)
v1.0.2.0 :
- Add CoursePlay and AutoDrive time remaining display
v1.0.1.10 (since :
- Fix for missing fillLevel info on right justified displays.
- Add damage indicator (default if tractor or attached implement is 80% damaged)
- Add CoursePlay and AutoDrive AI detection
- Hide conveyor belts, they don't have any useful information to share.
- Add option to zero pad field numbers less than 10
- Make bold text optional
- Add user name for controlled vehicles.
- Compute fill percentage with maxMass respected when possible
- Add optional alphabetic sorting of the list (uses purchase / tab order otherwise)
- Add multiplayer farm awareness - allow filtering to just your farm, or all farms
- Add option to change text size from settings, fix loading of text size from xml
- Additional Feature: custom order per line
- Add Support for Advanced Farm Manager
- Add DEF level (optional, default off)
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