Better Contracts

"Should I take those three fertilizer missions, or rather the 2.3 ha potato harvesting contract?" "How much liquid fertilizer will I need for this job?" If you ever asked yourself questions like these, this mod will help to find the answers.

The maximum number of contracts and the amount generated per cycle is automatically adjusted to the number of fields on the map.

You can immediately generate new contracts through the "New Contracts" button, or delete all of them with the "Clear Contracts" button.

You can sort the available contracts by type and field number, by total profit, or by profit per minute, to make it easier to find the one you desire.

You can set the allowed maximum number of concurrently avtive contracts.

With the "Details" button you can toggle on/ off the display of additional contract information. Like cost estimates for usage material as fertilizer, herbicide, or seeds. For harvest and baling contracts, it shows the minimum amount to be delivered, and the amount that you can keep (and sell). From this it calculates the total profit value for a contract, i.e. reward minus cost for fertilize/ spray/ sow contracts, and reward plus value of kept harvest for harvest/ baling contracts. It even estimates the time you will probably need for total completion of the job, by taking into account the work speed and work width of the appropriate leasing vehicles/ tools that are offered with the contract.

Disclaimer: All values shown in details display are ESTIMATES. You should not take them absolutely, but rather as an indication of what contracts to prefer among others.

The mod keeps track of the amount of contracts you completed for each of the NPC farmers (number of completed jobs is displayed below the farmers image, if "Details" on). If you enable the optional discount mode or hard mode options (on the mods settings page), the amount of completed jobs influence gameplay.

Changelog v1.2.8.7
- lazy NPCs should not work before noon of first day in month (#187)
- new setting: limit jobs per farm and month (#168)
- add bcPrintVehicles console command
- Fix FS22_FieldLease compatibility (farmlandManagerSaveToXMLFile) (#169)

Changelog v1.2.8.5
- Force plow after root crop harvest (#123). Insta-ferment separate setting (#158)
- Save NPC farmland owners to farmland.xml (#153).
- Support chaff mission

Changelog v1.2.8.0
- Tweak plow reward. Sort per NPC and contract value (#137)
- Allow mowers/ swathers on harvest missions (#137)
- Allow Göweil mission bales (#144)

Changelog v1.2.7.9
- Allow 240er PackedBales as mission bales, i.e. insta ferment (needs mod arcusin Multipack D14) (#131)
- Add 240er bales to Kuhn sw4014 wrapper

Changelog v1.2.7.8:
- let player instant-ferment wrapped bales
- allow mission bales in storage
- catch unknown fillTypes
- add "off" values to hardMode settings
- Allow forage wagon on grass missions (#118)
- format reward values > 100.000 (#113)
- read userDefined from modSettings/FS22_BetterContracts// (issue #115)

Changelog v1.2.7.5:
- add all farms active missions display (MP only)
- increase settings range for harvest success, separate setting for baling
- add 2nd progress bar for active harvest contracts
- fix Maize+ issue with Pumps'n Hoses BGA
- add setting to change time interval between contract generation runs
- fix missing icon for roller missions, do not display negative "to go" values
- fix mission visual tags for MP: renderIcon().

Changelog v1.2.7.0:
- fix issue mouse click Buy Farmland
- add setting to change harvest contract success factor
- visual tags for mission fields and vehicles
- show leased vehicles for active contracts

Changelog v1.2.6.2:
- UI settings page in main menu
- display farmland owner in farmland buy/sell view of ingame menu map
- display number of completed jobs under farmers image (if details on)

Changelog v1.2.5.0:
- hard mode: active contracts time out at midnght, penalty for cancelling
- discount mode: get discounted field price, based on number of missions
- fewer warnings on missing mission vehicles

Changelog v1.2.4.4:
- fixed filter buttons to show other mission types, if available
- fixed "time left" display for transport contracts in MP game
- weed, fertilize contracts can now also be configured for lazyNPC
- compatibility with other contract mods

Changelog v1.2.4.2:
- "lazy NPCs" (leave more work for contracts) can be configured on/ off
- maximum number of active contracts configurable
- indicator for active contracts with borrowed equipment
- clear / new contracts buttons in MP games only work for master user
- recognize FS22_DynamicMissionVehicles

Changelog v1.2.4.0:
- Added (interim) fix for "lazy NPCs": leave more work for contracts
- Allow for (future) other contract types
- Fixed screen resolution issues

Changelog v1.2.3.0:
- Added display filter function for contracts list

Changelog v1.2.2.0:
- Adjusted calculation of keep / deliver values for harvest / baling contracts
- Added conflicts prevention with other mods
- Added support for FS22_SupplyTransportContracts, FS22_TransportMissions
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