Buscot Park Farm Extended


- 2 new silage farms with indoor and outdoor silos added
- ** You must first buy the new yards to get to the rest of the fields! ** -
- New grass density and block heights
- New foliage textures
- Cleared arid areas
- Large mudholes removed, as it came here to FPS burglaries
- Updated fields and sizes (you now have 17 fields)
- New workshop added to the farm to repair your machines
- New hedges and stone walls
- Brand new PDA card
- New ambient noise!

Buscot Park Farm is a dairy farm situated deep in the rolling hills of Wiltshire.
with beautiful landscapes and Wiltshire's famous wildlife.

- You have 12 Fields, 7 arable and the rest grass so you can be flat out with silage!
- HRS Animal Supplies bale sell point is located by the back of the farm
- Agri Kings Seed Co. to sell your grain and manure! (very tidy prices!)
- Challenging terrain that's not for the faint hearted!
- Animal market to purchase cattle
- Large cow pasture
- Seasons mod compatible!
- Included a purchasble mini storage facility ideal for bales etc located at CFM and Agri Kings (field13 and 14)
- New tip collisions on silage pits at farm
- Water refill trigger located at large lake and small lake at each end of farm
- New terrain and foliage textures!
- Increased clip distances for objects

Farming Simulator 17
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