Huddig 1260E

As one of the most competent and powerful tool carriers on the market, a Huddig can replace up to three other machines - and with only one operator. This means faster execution, greater flexibility and higher profitability. The investment cost of a Huddig may be higher than other machines on the market, but with a Huddig you get unbeatable overall economy.With machines built and designed for the harsh Scandinavian climate, we stretch the boundaries of what is possible and ensure functionality through rigorous testing.

In this pack you will find various of different attachments one of them is the Waratah H414 cutter head:
The Waratah H414 is specially designed for mid-sized wheeled and tracked machines, and features an excellent power-to-weight ratio and compact size — making it highly maneuverable even in dense thinning stands as well as in early regeneration.

Everything included in the pack:
-Huddig 1260E Cable, with lift and rail configuration
Price: 250000 €
Max. power: 157 hp
Max. speed: 45 kph

-Huddig 1260E City, with rail configuration and without lift
Price: 220000 €
Max. power: 157 hp
Max. speed: 45 kph

Backhoe attachments:
-Adpater from backhoe to wheel loader attachments
-Asphalt cutter, with plowing function
-Attacher plate, trailer hitch attachment
-5 different buckets
-Waratah H414 cutter head
-Forestry grapple
-Grading Beam (Roller)
-Treeplanter, custom made fill pallet in pallets category.

Wheel loader attachments:
-Baglifter/HKL mover
-UFO, tilt coupling

-Pallet Saplings


Known issues!:
-When your are inside the lift basket and change drive direction the character can bug out.
-Some attachments in front and some in back may move at the same time
-If you change selection to a tool, the control group will change its name to nil(0)
-Huddig Lift version does not work with Seasons or Follow me mods

Those issues is bugs that is caused by the game and there is no easy fix for any of them.

-Added light sources for lower graphics
-Added one more control group, so back window and support legs doesn't move with front loader movement
-Added function to all attachments where it made sense to have one
-Added new typeDesc where it was needed
-Added posiblity to open side windows + roof window in City version
-Added French translations in l10n
-Added new brand "ROTOTILT"

-Fixed issue where you couldn't refuel Huddig
-Fixed main display now turn off 100% while engine is turned off
-Fixed issue where support legs clipped thru lift base
-Fixed position for some of the light holders in the light roof bar
-Fixed new decals and textures for rototilt
-Fixed mirrored decal on trailer
-Fixed lift hoses looking bad
-Fixed specular on decals on Huddig
-Fixed cab roof decal looking stretched
-Fixed wheel loader shovel pickup issues

Changes & Tweaks:
-Changes axis on Tilting Coupler to "AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM2"
-Changed move axis on wheel loader pallet forks
-Changed move axis on baglifter
-Changed material type inside lift basket
-Changed prices for all attachments
-Changed intensity values for beaconbar
-Changed pickup width on all buckets
-Changed so all hoses use same material
Farming Simulator 19
Huddig, Waratah, NMC
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