The Old Farm Countryside

-All animals are incorporated into the map, but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else on the map if you wish.
-The main farm, along with the farm house, can be sold so you can build your own.
-8 grain sales points, 1 sawmill, 2 BGAs and independent sales points distributed throughout the map where we can sell all the remaining products, sugar cane, beets, potatoes, milk, wool, cotton, eggs, wooden logs, of course the animals and the grass and the straw.
-3 large forest areas.
-Several free water collection points.
-Animated doors that give access to the farm.
-57 affordable lots with a variety of sizes.
-The old farm field includes all the features of Farming Simulator 19.
-Indicator posters.
-Traffic included. (It will be increased in the final version)
-Prepared for multiple terrain angles (available only for PC / Mac version)
-Custom lighting engine. (Subject to change)
-Custom transport missions and field missions.
-When using the tool to modify terrain and textures, add grass along with any of the 4 grass textures implemented on the map
-Remember that both the farm, with all its accessories, and the animals will only be available starting the game as New Farmer, the first of the three available options.
-This is the beta version, so the map is still subject to changes and modifications. Along with the possible errors you may find.

-This map is a much improved Farming Simulator 17 version conversion with many hours of work. I hope it is to your liking and enjoyment.

-This update will require starting a new game, do not be discouraged, because it will be worth it.
-The map becomes compatible with Factories and Seasons !!
-PDA Improved !!
-You will have to choose between 3 map options.
-Map compatible with the Pellets and Eco Green factories.

-The map has been adapted for the Precision Farming DLC, using its own terrain layer.
-The extra crops of the map, Millet, Sorghum, Rice and Rye become compatible with this DLC.
-The sale price of Cotton was increased.
-The map becomes compatible with the Seed Factory and the Hay Pellet Factories Pack.
-The products produced by the new compatible factories can be sold in various places on the map.
-Now you can supply your cows, sheep and horses with Hay Pellets as their main food.

-The prices of the products produced by the Factory Pack have been adjusted.
-Now you can sell Sunflower Oil, which due to a small error was not possible to sell.

-The map has been adapted to be used with the Placeable Factories Mod.

-Pedestrians have been added through the town.
-High traffic has been added to the north of the map.
-Building textures have been retouched looking for an improvement of slots in the consoles.
-Several useless files have been removed.

-Three crops have been eliminated due to incompatibility with Seasons Mod. We will only have Millet, Sorghum, Rice and Rye.
Farming Simulator 19
228.38 MB
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Ocena użytkowników:
3.9 (3144)
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Required Mods:

- Placeable Factories Pack (Autor: erShaba)
- Placeable Factories Pellet Pack (Autor: Vanquish081 [VSR Modding Sur])
- Seed Factory (Autor: erShaba (VSR Modding Sur))

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