Vehicle Control Addon

This script varies the steering speed depending on the speed you are driving, and it rotates the camera to match the steering angle and direction.
Shift-Left limits throttle, cruise control and maximum rounds per minute to 75%. With Shift-right and the cursor keys you can peek in the corresponding direction.
If you press Ctrl left together with W then the driving direction snaps to fixed directions.

All functions are switchable with the following default key combinations:
[Ctrl Left + C]: Settings
[Ctrl Left + W]: Snap Angle (continue)
[Alt Left + W]: Snap Angle (restart)
[Shift Left]: Throttle limiter / reduced cruise control speed
[Shift Right + Cursor]: look forward, backwards, left right
[Space]: Change direction (aka shuttle control)
[[]: Gear up
[']: Gear down
[]]: Range up
[#]: Range down
[;]: Neutral and handbrake

Changelog version
- Differentials, all wheel drive and real two wheel drive
- Raise, lower and turn on/off tools in the front or back
- Many small fixes, adjustments and improvements
Changelog version
- Bug fix loading clutch mode from savegame
- Improved automatic clutch
- Display of handthrottle in speed meter
- warnings in info box
Changelog version
- Rework of clutch
- Rework of automatic gear shifting
- Load and save of own transmission configurations
- Only the master user can change some settings
- Possibility to overwrite speed limits
- Possibility to overwrite rated power and torque curve
Farming Simulator 19
0.23 MB
User Rating:
3.8 (3083)
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