Eicher 2070 Koenigstiger Prototype

Prix: 35400 €
Horsepower : 70hp
Entretien : 190 € / jour

- normal wheels, carewheels
- better Steering animation (with driver animated to steer with the steering-knob)
- dynamic Exhaust Particles (real particles)
- realistic torque curve
- animated gauges and displays
- dynamic hoses Ready
- gearbox-ready (Gearbox Config already in the mod)

Infos about the original:
The bavarian tractor manufacturer “Eicher” was struggeling to keep afloat since the mid '70s when they made a few bad business decisions. Since Eicher didn't produce any transmissions on their own they needed a new partner to get their transmissions from. Because budget was also tight and no money or time for major redevelopments they eventually went with Same.
The Idea was to take the backend of a Same Explorer and fit it with the well-known aircooled Eicher Engine. Thus having all the comforts and features of a modern day tractor and keep the heart of the Eicher Engine which Eicher was so well known for.

The tractor had a 3 Zylinder turbocharged aircooled Engine producing around 70hp. The reversable 40/40 gear transmission got the tractor up to 40kph.
Sadly fitting the Eicher Engine to the Same transmission wasn't as easy as they had hoped, and developing and producing the required parts to make it work more expensive than expected. So sadly only Prototypes were ever made.
Instead they sold Same (Hürlimann) tractors in blue with the “Eicher” Badge later, but without the Eicher engine this of course was no success.
Farming Simulator 17
15.55 MB
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3.6 (575)

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