Slurry Bag

This mod contains a slurry bag and a trailer to transport the bag.
If you aren't familiar with using the slurry bag, I would recommand you to watch the tutorial first.
Here is a small introduction on how to use the slurry bag

After you have purchased the slurry bag and trailer, you can connect the slurry bag by driving the cart next to the bag (on the side of the connectors)
Make sure your trailer is in the Load/ unload position so that you can attach the bag
After it has been hitched, put the trailer in transport position and now you can move it to the field
When you arrive on the field, you can put the trailer back into the Load/ unload position and turn the cart with mouse control if necessary.
Once there is enough space to roll out the bag, you can roll it out by clicking X.
If there is still an (old) crop on the field, I advise you to paint the terrain first so that no crop comes through the bag
When the bag is lying down, you can then fill / empty it with a slurry tank (also possible with the use of hoses)
Always make sure that the tank itself has a pump or that a pump is used, otherwise the bag will not be able to be emptied / filled
If you want to roll the bag up again, make sure it is empty, otherwise you will not be able to get it rolled up

Capacity: 240.000, 180.000 and 105.000 l
Price Slurrybag: 8000 - 18000 $
Price Slurrybag Trailer: 8000 $
Farming Simulator 19
Luca's Shed
10.48 MB
User Rating:
3.5 (105)

Required Mods:

- Manure System (By: Wopster)



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