Ifor Williams TT3621

Price: 15.850€
Capacity: 9500 & 13400
Ifor Williams TT3621 is an electric Tipper with the ability to transport pallets, bales and small machinery. Ifor Williams are the United Kingdom's largest manufacturer of trailers under 3,500 kilograms. This trailer has multiple options:
- Supports the transport of 7 Sheep, 6 pigs and up to 30 Chickens
- Chicken transport is only supported when using the Livestock Trailer Addon for PC
- 3 Wheel configurations
- Numberplate configurations
- Ladder rack, mesh and solid side extensions.

Ifor WIlliams TT3621 - Tipper: Located under Trailers can be used for transporting loose material.
Ifor Williams TT3621 - Transport: Located under LowLoaders can be used for transporting seed pallets and big bags, this variant of the trailer only tips using mouse control.

Palfinger 3800 - Instructions on the correct way to place the crane pallet on the trailer is shown on the pallet itself with two drawings showing the correct way to pick it up and which side of the trailer to place it on. At the moment, one crane attachment is included, a tool for assisting in picking up pallets using tension belts.
The crane is mostly suited for the standard version of the trailer, without the side extensions.

Side Extensions left and right are removed with the same mouse control used for lowering the sidepanels, in order to do this, make sure you lower the side panels fully down to make them vanish, To make them reappear, the side panel must go to its original upright position.

Fixed: Street wheels not showing

Fixed: Mesh cleanup - Side panels had floating mesh
Fixed: Issue with side panels - Items falling through
Fixed: Issue with pallets sticking to the bed
Fixed: Material settings on Solid sides
Fixed: Back panel animation
Fixed: StoreIcons
Added: Numberplate lights
Added: Palfinger 3800 crane and an item for picking up pallets
Added: Side Extensions can now be removed for loading pallets

Fixed: Trailer Weight
Fixed: Dutch Numberplate
Fixed: Cover Warning
Fixed: Back Panel Animation
Changed: Crane controls are more like the in-game STEPA forestry trailer
Farming Simulator 19
Ifor Williams
21.29 MB
User Rating:
4.4 (536)
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