Steyer Terrus CVT

Steyr Terrus ... the mod sets the new standards in Ls17 ....

- Interior dimensions:

Joystick, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, gear lever, 2 gearshift lever next to joystick for the PTO clutch
Boat monitor, direction indicator, turn signal normal and with trailer, warning light
All cylinders of doors and windows, door / window handle

- Interior lighting:

Monitor, displays, light sources for the light indicator which is currently on, tank indicator
Cooling, door lighting when it is open

- Interior Sound:

Doors / windows open / close, engine sound louder with open door

- 12 different tire configurations:

Standard, standard + weights, wide tire, wide tire + weights, twin tire / narrow tire
Care tires, double care tires, Nokian tires, Nokian wide tires, rear disc drive

- Various Steyr Decal Designs:

Red, Black, Gray, and White

- Scripts installed for:

Passenger, Dynamic Pants, Door Opener, IC Control, Cabin Display Monitor
Particles, engine, interior dimensions

- Color selection

2x on the vehicle - 1 color or 2 color buyable, rims

- IC control:

Doors, roof windows, rear windows, round lights, warning signs

-New exhaust system:

More particles at PTO start / engine start and acceleration

Other highlights:

- Completely revised in Maya

- Dynamic rear and front trousers

- Cooling grille transparent and motor built by Puma

- Motor has a motion animation

- Textures adapted and revised

- Turn the round light with the IC to the top

- Wheelbase widening which automatically adapts to the purchase of the wheels

- for each motor variant own license plate with lighting

- Buyable warning boards with lighting

- Additional indicator lighting installed at the front

caution!! In order to ensure the correct functionality of the indoor animations,
Drive Control or GearBox is recommended.
Farming Simulator 17
41.80 MB
User Rating:
4.4 (622)

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