Krone Trailer Pack

Krone Trailer Pack
The pack includes:

HKD 302
Price from: $25,000

TKD 302
Price from: $27,000

The following color choices are available:
- Board color
- Metal color
- Chassi color
- Cover color
- Rim color

The following configurations are available:
- Construction : 18,000 liters, 22,500 liters, 22,500 liters of Potatoes, 22,500 liters of sugarbeets, bales + pallets , bales autoload.

The autoload function is included in the bale autoload setup.

- The Autoload functions Pro and Easy can be switched - AT ANY TIME - using "Switch work mode". Default setting: EASY.
- Easy with wide loading trigger (approx. 4m per side).
- Pro, here the bales have to be placed on the trailer.
- Autoload mode is switched via “Switch working mode”.
- Unloading via mouse control can be activated and deactivated - AT ANY TIME - using the O key, standard setting: DISABLED.

- Autoload for:
- Round bales (125cm 14 bales, 150cm 10 bales, 180cm 6 bales, cotton 2 bales).
- Square bales (120cm (HD) 144 bales, 180cm 18 bales, 220cm 14 bales, 240cm 12 bales, cotton 1 bale.
- The following mods are supported:
- Supports FS22_UniversalAutoload (by loki_79) (PC only, in bales + pallets configuration).
- Supports FS22_SelectableBaleCapacity (by GH66Mods).
- Supports FS22_Liftable_Bales_Pack (from Jos).
- Supports FS22_Hesston4900Baler: bales 180cm, 220cm & 240cm (mod baler from 4D Modding / ARM team), 180cm: 12 bales, 220cm & 240cm: 8 bales.
- Supports FS22_KroneBigPack1270VC: bales 180cm, 220cm & 240cm (mod baler from H3RBY), 180cm: 24 bales, 220cm: 18 bales, 240cm: 16 bales.
- Supports FS22_LelyAP730: (Mod Balers ARM Team), 180 bales.
- Supports FS22_Gallignani_5690_S3: (Mod baler GameMasTer), 96 bales.
- Supports FS22_Forttritt_K454: (Mod baler DtP Mario), 162 bales.
- Supports FS22_FahrAPN: (Mod baler EY Modding), 162 bales.

- Tire manufacturer
- Mud flaps
- Attachment coupling type TKD 302
- License plate

Animation (Mouse control):
- The ladder can be (un)folded by pressing of the mouse wheel and moving forward/backward. The ladder can also be controlled on the console.
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