All-in-1 Underground Facility

Introducing the All-in-1 Underground Facility.

Picture this: A subterranean marvel of engineering and design that combines practicality, convenience, and futuristic technology—all hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Our All-in-1 Underground Facility is more than just a farmhouse; it’s a sanctuary for the modern farmer. Imagine waking up to the gentle hum of tractors and the smell of freshly tilled soil in your very own cozy underground farmhouse. Which boasts a comfortable couch, wardrobe and amenities you have only dreamt of having. Whether you’re catching some Z’s after a long day in the fields or planning your next crop rotation, you will find the living quarters will suit your needs.
The luxury doesn't stop there! Equipped with a full functioning silo. With a staggering capacity of 650,000 liters, it stores all your base game crops—golden wheat, vibrant sunflowers, and everything in between. But that’s not all! It also holds diesel and water, ensuring your farm runs like a well-oiled machine.
Thought that was all? When your trusty machinery needs a little TLC, our repair shop steps up. Equipped with what you need to fine-tune your combine harvester, tweak your implement configurations you will find little reason for downtime.
Venture below the surface, where the real magic happens. Our facility extends deep into the earth, providing a secure haven for your farming endeavors. It’s like having a secret lair, but with more tractors and grains. And hidden beneath the soil lies our grain silo—a treasure chest filled with golden kernels, waiting for the right moment to be sold. And it even has a viewing window to check on your stock!
It gets even better... Those sleek antennas on the roof aren’t mere decorations. It tracks weather formations and keeps your updated in real time so you can accurately plan your harvests.
This state of the art facility doesn't stop there... Our underground garage is a vehicle enthusiast’s dream. It can house the largest tractors, combines, and even some semi trucks. With two separate floors accessible via an automated elevator, your equipment will be safe while you sleep or during your off seasons.
The facility is locked down from the outside and complimented with an integrated camera and video recording system.

So, fellow farmer, are you ready to take your farm to the next level? The All-in-1 Underground Facility awaits!

All in 1 Underground Facility:
Stores 650,000 Total Liters: Multifruit and all Liquids.
Initial placement includes 5,000 liters of diesel and 45,000 liters of water.
Priced at $500,000 plus installation.
Located in Farmhouse build category.

All in 1 Underground Facility Unreal:
Stores 1,500,000 Total Liters: Multifruit and all Liquids.
Initial placement includes 5,000 liters of diesel and 45,000 liters of water.
Priced at $775,000 plus installation.
Located in Farmhouse build category.

Underground Large Vehicle Garage:
Priced at $175,000 plus installation.
Located in Tools build category.

Do NOT free place. You MUST allow terrain deformation while placing.
Vehicles may "float" while lowering the vehicle storage racks, this is normal, due to the nature of the physics engine of FS22.
This is a large facility, and it extends deep into the ground. Some maps may have water planes below the surface, for disciplined financial playthroughs I recommend saving before placing the facility. Just incase of any issues with height.
It is recommended to level the terrain before hand for the best results. Be cautious if using mods on PC that allow you to terraform anywhere. As the hole created is just large enough for the facility.

General Information:
There is an icon toggling switch on the main floor just before the elevator.
Next to that is the main light switch. There is a second switch for this main light on the 1st subfloor with the living quarters.
There is a light switch on each subfloor, the first subfloor light switch is beside the arcade machine.
The lowest or second subfloor light switch is located just at the bottom of the stairs.
The reason for having to reset the elevator lift is due to animation keyframe clipping. This is the way.

Changelog v1.0.1.0:
- Added ability to use silo extensions with the Farmhouse Silo.
- Added liquid filltype category to the silo. You can now store all liquids.
- Added unrealistic capacity Farmhouse at additional cost.
- Added Free Electric Charging Station via solar panels.
- Added Underground Large Vehicle Garage.
- Repositioned Coffee table so you may walk between it and the couch.
- Moved the cat.
- Removed many dynamic object flags from small decorations around the Farmhouse to reduce slot count. You can still throw the loaf of bread.
- Corrected Fuel Tank orientation so that the pump handles face out.
- Updated Moddesc to reflect that the silo is multifruit. You can store all of your crops, windrows, animal feeds, solid fertilizer, lime ect.
Farming Simulator 22
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