Four Fields

4 fields, 4 farms, 2 variants.
Have you always wanted to farm on really big fields?
Then this map might be just right for you.
There are 4 huge fields and 4 farms here.
A great way to play with four people if you like playing with friends.
But you can absolutely also play alone on this map.

Are you up to the challenge of harvesting and re-cultivating such a gigantic field?

Around the four fields you will find the usual infrastructure that you know from maps:
There are selling stations, productions, a village, meadows and forests.
There is also a large vineyard and a campsite where you can earn money.

The highlight of this map is, that it is available as a German map and an American map.
You just have to download one map and then you can choose whether you want to play it as a German Vierfelden or as an American Four Fields.

The map has the following features:
- 4 fields
- 4 farms
- 31 farmlands
- Rapid plant growth with seasonal cycles turned off
- Rye and spelt as additional fruit types
- Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring
- Meadows with flowers can be sown
- 9 additional products made from grains and potatoes
- Selling stations
- Productions with 3x increased productivity
- Pre-installed multifunctional productions on the farms
- Vineyard
- Passive income through camping site
- Passive income from wind turbines
- Forests
- Large gardens
- Horses are worth $40,000 after 3 years
- 100 collectibles
- 3 passive income signs
- Additional ground textures
- Fields are paintable
- Additional flowers in landscaping

Note on BGA:
In order to use the production BGA, you have to buy the property.
Then the BGA is fully available.
The BGA buildings can also be sold if you would rather build another BGA.
A small BGA is also available as a pure selling station for all players to sell silage, slurry, manure and the like.
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