Castile And Leon: New Horizon


Hello farmer and welcome to Castile and Leon.

In this map you will find many immersive features and details.
You can get lost wandering the streets of a Castilian town and contemplate its houses, squares, shops, bars, restaurants, pedestrians, traffic, etc... and an industrial estate.
It will snow differently, it will rain differently, in winter you will be able to observe smoke in the chimneys of the houses and in their factories.

Castile and Leon: New horizon, is fully translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
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A total of 62 fields/plots, some of them square and many irregular.
For these fields you will have a total of 28 crops at your disposal.
In addition to the originals, you will be able to grow rye and alfalfa.
As a novelty, you can grow and work these fruit trees:
-Apple tree.
-Orange tree.
-Lemon Tree.
-Holm oak.

You will be able to produce juices and other products working the fruit trees. In the store you will find machinery for them.
You will also work the resin with resin pines ( Pino negral ) and pine nuts with stone pines ( Pino Albar ).

(Note: The sugar cane and oil radish crops have been removed from the map.)

As for livestock, you will have new breeds, with new feeds and productions and modified stables. You can also make your own feed with the crops you work or buy them at the store.
(Note: Stalls have integrated manure bunker).

On the other side of the town, across the river, is the industrial estate, there are the factories to produce all the products and others scattered around the map.
Other productions such as the bakery, cheese shop, tailor shop, pastry shop and many shops marked as points of sale are located in the town.

Regarding greenhouse crops, I have added: cauliflower, carrot, garlic, pepper, cucumber, spring onion and zucchini.
You will have at your disposal two different types of greenhouses. These greenhouses work only with compost that you can buy in the store or produce yourself in the composting plant or (BGA).

I have added modified machinery, with color option and other characteristics.

You will find new modifications such as silos, stables, storage tanks, walls, doors, etc...
You will be able to paint 15 different textures, place new trees, paint foliage such as grass, bushes and flowers to decorate your farm.

Greetings to the entire Farming community.


SDO: Alberto.

Changelog: (Spring Update).
Hello to the entire community, you now have the update you have been waiting for available.
Because update was not released, this update incorporates version and together,
so you will find a lot of new content and changes, take it with time.
As usual, with this (spring) update, you must start a new game.

Disable mods that add new crops, new items or new productions.

- Corrected sale of bales in Agricultural Supplies.
- Fixed weeders bug.

Tweaks and changes:
- Eliminated vehicles parked at points of sale, to have more room for maneuver.
- Reduced the price of land.
- The factories and production stores already have an established price (they no longer have a value of 1).
- Increased density maps.
- Price adjustments.
- Production readjustments in factories and stores.
- Tweaks in livestock feeding.
- Increased production of grapes, olives, fruit trees and fruits.
- Alfalfa and grass are now destroyed when vehicles step on them.
- Modified weeders removed.
- Increased the lands to 82 and changes to them.
- Changes in resin pines and stone pines.

- Introduction to Aquaculture.
Through the factory system, aquaculture has been introduced,
with which you can dedicate yourself to the breeding, production and sale of trout, salmon and sturgeon.
In turn, you will be able to produce trout, salmon and sturgeon eggs with great benefits.
You will have to produce their feed and collect waste that will be used for other productions.

- New ecological herbicide introduced.
The ecological herbicide is necessary in the greenhouse, in stone pines and in resin pines. You can also use it on your fields with a lower distribution rate than with a normal herbicide.
However, if you have Precision Farming installed, the new herbicide is not displayed.

- New street intersection to the west of the town.
- New texturing of places, stables, etc...
- New vehicle modifications.
- New placements, roofs, silage bunkers, etc.
- New rehabilitated Castilian barn with double storage system: straw and hay and bales.
- New chicken barn (Aviary).
- New bee hives with a different system.
- New yield on all crops (25%) if you place bee hives.
- New feeder in the sheep and cattle pastures.
- New water well.
- New mixed portion and chopped texture.
- New silo for mixed ration.
- New pallets added and changed.
- Cotton bales available in the store.
- New bags in the store.
- New greenhouse.
Note: You will need water, compost and ecological herbicide.
In turn, you will collect, in addition to your products, horticultural waste that will be used for other productions.
- New fruit trees: Pear and peach trees.
- New pea and teff grass crops.
Teff grass has been introduced as feed for mares (equine cattle)

- New greenhouse crops: Mint, lavender and aromatic plants.
- New productions in factories: omega3 oil, wool or cotton sweaters, wool or cotton fabrics, balls of wool or cotton, firewood, etc...
- New productions in Molino de Ávila: sorghum flour, corn flour, rye flour and pea flour.
- New Laboratory production: Medicines based on royal jelly, medicines based on mint and perfume.
- New production of artisan extractors: Royal jelly, wax and processed honey.
- New production by artisan distillers: aromatic alcohol, mint essence, lavender essence and distilled water.
- New Confectionery production: Strawberry jam, apple jam, orange jam, cherry jam,
plum jam, lemon jam, peach jam and quince jam.
- New productions in forage processing plants (BGA).
- New points of sale.
- New mixed ration productions.
You can carry out mixed ration in all the mixing trailers, in the feed factory and in the mixing crusher.
using different products.

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