The Rosenbauer RT eLHF is a brand new firefighting vehicle designed specifically for use in high-risk operations and difficult conditions.
It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of features to help firefighters do their jobs more effectively and safely.
The RT ELHF's cab can accommodate up to six firefighters and is equipped with the latest technology to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.
The seats are ergonomically designed and provide a good view of the road and the area of operation.
The air conditioning and ventilation system ensure a comfortable temperature and air quality, even under extreme conditions.
The RT is equipped with animated doors, gates and a light pole.
The blue light and horn can be activated manually during an emergency drive.

- Fold out light mast: Button (X)
- Activate horn: Key (Right mouse)
- Activate blue light: Key (POS1)
- Control of doors, gates and ladders via mouse (see F1 menu) or via IC.
- Special setting options for steering behavior to be active in any terrain

The following store options are available:
- Selection of the foliation
- Selection of blue light brightness

Price: 854.900 $
Power: 132 kW (375 PS)
Category: "Vehicles - Miscellaneous

Loading among other things with:
- Power generator
- High-performance fan
- Power saw

It is recommended to use Interactive Control, but it is not mandatory. (PC only)

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to integrate the entire range of functions of the FS22 Emergency Pack from Creative Mesh into the electric fire defense. This is due to the fact that our mod was created at a time when the Emergency Pack did not yet exist and therefore some basic requirements are not met. We ask for your understanding.

- Added: Reel holder at the rear for Emergency Pack reels
- Added: Additional ambient lighting as 3rd light level
- Added: Emergency Pack note in description
- Changed: High beam to Ctrl+F
- Changed: F1 icon from tractor to truck
- Updated: Some objects moved to extra i3d
- Fixed: Horn button and configurations in description corrected

- Conversion to Interactive Control
- Added blue light brightness configuration
- Blue light sequence improved
- New decals on the roller shutter control units
- Tail warnings can now be activated by IC
- Siren moved to the right mouse button
- Steering mode setting of rear axle improved
- Labels of the steering modes added
- Lights on control unit revised
- Windscreen wiper rotation point adjusted
- Light mast now rotates back to its original position when folded in
- Rear lowbeam down and license plate light fixed
- Hazard warning flasher and lifting technology toggle switch fixed
- Wheel front left fixed
- Factory design configuration on right wheel arch fixed
- LUA CallStack error when turning on the siren fixed
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