Mud System

-Mud and Dirt (bonus) fill types are added to the game which can be bought from the fill station for a small fee.
-Mappers are also able to add an "InfoLayer" to paint desired mud areas which will remain dormant unless this mod is used."
-The 'Mud System' causes vehicle wheels to sink, drag, and slip aswell as give the wheels mud particle systems.
-Sink depth, wheel slip, and drag is all dependant on the amount of wheels and tire widths that the vehicle has.
-Crawlers sink the least while narrow (care wheels) sink the most. (If you get stuck a vehicle with tracks/crawlers is best used to push/pull out).

-All Mud (filltype) can be scooped up and moved if desired.
-The bonus Dirt filltype is primarily added for for excavating equipment (just for fun).

-Mud (filltype) activates the Mud System anytime (regardless of rain and environment) and reaches max sink within a few seconds.
-Fields turn to mud during a rain fall, and will and takes 10 'real' minutes of gameplay to reach max sink depth. Once the rain stops, up to 10 minutes will be needed for the fields to dry.

-All vehicles even dormant ones are updated if moved, and will sink/unsink if pushed/pulled into/out of mud.
-Sunk vehicles are saved and will remain sunken when you load your saved game.

Included Store Item : Mud Fill Station (Placeable) [$5000]

***Before removing this mod you must clear the new filltypes; be sure to empty all tools with dirt and mud, then use the console commands (listed below) to remove all dirt and mud from the map.
Then save the game and the mod can be removed/disabled without issues.

[Console Commands]:
- "removeAllMud" = Clears the map of all Mud (uninstall).
- "removeAllDirt" = Clears the map of all Dirt (uninstall).
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