Do you want to work in unique shaped and steep fields? Drive up narrow twisty roads?
Rosendal is a map based on the real life area where I live in West-Norway. The norwegian terrain is very interesting and challenging.
You got the fjord on one side, mountains on the other and small farms with grassland in the middle. This means you need powerful vehicles to work the land, and small machines that fit the roads.
Some parts of the map are less steep, almost flat, and more open - so you can go big if you want to. Compared to the 2km x 2km basegame maps, the playable area size is around 60 percent + 15 percent fjord.

In real life, all the fields are grassland. But I have added all standard crops to the fields. Areas with a lot of buildings have been turned into sellpoints and production points.
The area south of the main river is fictional, inspired by the real life area and a combination of other FS maps.
There you can find the train, which runs past the pigfarm where you can sell all crops that can be used for pigfood.
I have also added a big, open, square field which is almost flat for those who likes that. Perfect for workers to work in without getting stuck or confused, or if you want to create vineyards etc.
Next to that field, there is a placeable area, where you easily can build other placeables that I haven't added to the map.

This is my very first mod, so I have not created any of the objects myself. I use basegame buildings and prefab stuff. The map requires the fantastic BuildingsOfNorway mod installed to run.
That is because the norwegian buildings comes from that mod. Most of them have functions, such as animal pastures for sheep and cows, storages, silos, workshops and sleeping.
Most of the functions will only work when the production, building or plot of land has been bought. In the real life area, I have tried to use the most simular buildings to the real life buildings.
If you choose the start in New Farmer mode, you start off owning the land and farm I live on. It is plot 10, which includes 5 fields, a house, a sheep barn, a dog house and 3 beehives.

The buyable plots have been priced to suit the value of both the land and the funtion of the buildings that comes with it.
Since most of the buildings are sellable, the sellprice of them can be higher than what you payed for the land, unfortunately.
You can choose between buying big plots with both fields, forests, farms and silos, or just buy forests, just fields and cheap fields with trees. Some plots offer you storages or workshops.
To use the BGA, you need to buy it. If you want to use the bunker silos, you need to buy the landplot aswell.

On the map you will find:
-A main road, smaller public roads and farm tracks.
-Fjord and rivers where you can fill your water tankers.
-Several farms with animal pastures, silos and workshops.
-55 plots of land. The whole map is plot 1 and is not buyable.
-84 fields with missions - both arable and grass.
-4 forestry plots and some other plots include forests.
-More than 10 sellpoints that take different products.
-Train which can be used for selling pigfood crops.
-Several placeable production points and a placeable area.
-A BGA and bunker silos.
-Sawmill area with waterpond.
-100 collectible cheese wedges around the map.
-4 viewtowers located in some good spots.

Recommended mods:
-More Animal Husbandries Possible

I hope you enjoy the map!
Farming Simulator 22
117.58 MB
User Rating:
4.2 (589)

Required Mods:

- Buildings Of Norway (By: OlaHaldor)


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