This is a do-it-yourself map, i.e. most of the fields, farms and villages can be created by the player.

So very little is given here.
There is a small farm with 3 fields and an area at the harbor with selling stations and a bakery production.
Everything else is your task, e.g. create more fields, build farms, build villages, etc.
You can all sell the objects that are installed on this map, and they also stand for new construction, e.g. Elsewhere, in the build menu.
For other buildings and decorative objects, you can use the large number of mods available in Modhub and elsewhere.
So that you have enough storage space left on your gaming device, this map is deliberately kept minimalist.
Because it's a special map, there are also some special features that make living and building on this map easier, such as a subsoiler with plow function for field creation, painting fields in landscaping, donations by a generous donor, and more.
For more information, see the dedicated in-game help page. You can call them by activating the question mark at the port.

History of Hinterland:
Hikers discovered an area of rolling hills in the middle of Germany that was neither settled nor used for agriculture and they could hardly believe it.
There was only one restaurant that offered food and drink to the infrequent hikers.
After the hikers reported their discovery, the area was released for settlement and named "Hinterland" because of its emptiness.
A farmer has already tried his luck, but because of the loneliness, he gave up and left his small farm.

Do you dare to settle in this loneliness and build a successful farm?

The map contains the following features:
- 3 fields
- 49 lots
- 1 small farm
- 3 selling stations
- 1 bakery with extended functions
- Vehicle store
- Workshop
- Animal dealer
- Forests, lakes, river
- 36 golden animal figures as collectibles
- Rapid plant growth with seasonal growth turned off
- Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring
- Meadows with flowers can be sown
- Subsoiler as a plow for creating fields
- 4 golden poor-making weights for survival playthroughs
- 3 sign posts for passive income

A new savegame is not absolutely necessary for this update.
- the water has become quieter.
- you can sell cotton.
- the shutters on the small farmhouse no longer go through the woodpile when opened.
- the bridges get a continuous thin layer of snow in winter when there is snow.
- the existing fields have no more fieldless spots.
- the forest plants can now be removed. This applies, for example, to sticks, mushrooms, ground cover, ferns, etc.
Unfortunately, for the last point it was necessary to remove all existing forest plants because the underlying system had to be changed.
With existing savegames, the forest looks a bit bare, there are only bushes and a few flowers apart from the trees.
In new savegames, the forests are full of underplanting with sticks, mushrooms and the like.

You don't need a new game save for this update.
- The small landing stage at the farm is now solid enough to walk on it.
- Horses are much more valuable ($40,000) after 36 months on sale if they have been well ridden and are fully healthy. Note: this price increase does not work when using mods that change the characteristics of animals, e.g. young animals.
- A simple horse pasture has been added.
Farming Simulator 22
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