Color Configurator

This mod allows you to personalize the color of your machine. Using a simple interface, you can set any color and material you like.

- Fixed an UI issue on displays with aspect ratios other than 16:9,
- Fixed an issue with crawlers configuration,
- Fixed the error "Warning: Tried reverting to input context [] which is not defined." which occurred when the save configuration button was pressed while the color input text box was active,
- Added option to copy/paste color values using Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V,
- Added option to change color values between Giants/RGB,
- Added support for custom configurations designMaterial(4 - 49),
- Minor UI fixes

- Added color selector,
- Added text fields for entering HSV color values,
- Minor UI changes

- Added option to save colors in the configurator,
- Added colors from brandColors.xml to the color list,
- Other minor changes

- Added text field for searching saved colors,
- Added RAL Classic colors to the list of saved colors,
- Recently used colors are now visible in the list of saved colors (max. 30),
- Changed appearance of saved colors dialog box,
- Added ability to change color/setting values using the mouse roll when hovering over a text field/option,
- Fixed an issue with the configuration save dialog popping up when the text box is active,
- Fixed an issue with saving color configuration for bundleElements

- Added support for vehicles with one configuration option (e.g. CHALLENGER MT700, MACK Black Anthem),
- Added support for controllers,
- Added the ability to paste color values directly from the system clipboard using Ctrl + B (e.g. "0.15 0.35 0.06 6", "212, 100, 67, 6", "#FFA07A"),
- Fixed error "Error: Running LUA method 'draw' dataS/scripts/gui/base/GuiOverlay.lua:469: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got boolean)" which occurred in some circumstances,
- Removed material selection for bale and wrapper configurations,
- Fixed a bug causing the configurator window to appear on the game loading screen when Esc, Space or Backspace keys are pressed,
- Other minor changes

- Fixed material selection for vehicles using the "baleWrapper" configuration that are not wrappers,
- Fixed a bug that caused saved color configurations to disappear in mods that were previously deleted from the mods folder,
- Fixed an issue causing pink-colored vehicles to randomly appear on sale
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