Neuffener Valley

Welcome to the Neuffener Valley. The Neuffener Valley is a fictional map named after the region I come from.

In addition to some productions, this card also offers enough space to place your own. Furthermore, you can also paint fields on the map if it should go quickly.
You can let off steam there as you want.

The map is perfect for all types of agriculture and forestry in single and multiplayer.
For the ideal start in multiplayer, I recommend starting a savegame in singleplayer and saving it briefly. Then copy the farms.xml and farmland.xml from the "Multiplayer" folder to the savegame.
The savegame can then be started in multiplayer and the level of difficulty adjusted if necessary.

If you play with MaizePlus, you should note the following:
Start a new game -> save game -> from the MaizePlus folder of the map, copy the densityMapHeight.xml into the savegame folder.

Precision farming layer present

More than 37 fields are available for farming. In addition to the main farm there are 5 more farms including hotspots on the pda.

1. Chickenfarm (mainfarm)
2. Horsefarm
3. Cowfarm
4. Pigfarm
5. Sheepfarm

- 37 fields
- 68 farmlands
- paintable fields
- 14 productions
- 14 points of sale
- 14 farmlands for the small and large forestry

I recommend the Platinum DLC. This allows you to use all the features of the map.


New savegame is required

- collectibles have been added
- Added various decoration elements
- Added barriers
- added new fillTypes
- Exchanged DebrisCrusher with Universal Crusher
- Sandy beach for the visitors of the farmer's market
- new farmlands
- Added concreteproduction including sandy beach with piled sand
- Added quarry with stone and limestone
- small pond
- When buying the productions, the farmland is also bought at the same time.
- Added silo for grapes and olives

- Added 4 new productions
- 2 new points of sale
- Carpentry production expanded
- Added BGA small scale
- Electric and biomethane columns placed at the gas station
- Added straw item sellpoint
- Added feedmixproduction
- 5 new farmlands
- Southern sawmill deco changed
- more minor changes

The full extent of the changes can be seen with the Platinum DLC

New savegame is required

- Corrected error on field 17 vineyard

- Adjusted terrain on the roadsides
- Splines straightened so the cars don't fly
- Deco improved

new savegame is not required. Changes to the terrain are only visible with a new savegame.

- Vineyard terrain detail changed
- Input / output changed at Bakery, Carpenter, Cereal Factory, Dairy, Mill, Oil Factory, Grape Factory, Chocolate Factory
- BGA performance increased
- Changed licenseplates of launch vehicles
- Small changes to the terrain
- Gate to the horse farm is open
- Added changes from the prefab "FS22_PaintableField_prefab"

new score is not required. Changes to the terrain and license plates are only visible with a new savegame.

- Changes to the description
- Added trees and plants to the build menu
- Added new textures to the build menu
- Made several objects sellable e.g.: BGA, fences.
- Land prices reduced
- Small change to the terrain in the main courtyard
- Added sellpoint for vehicles at the shop
- Added files for multiplayer
- Removed DecoBushMowing to make the map playable on consoles
Farming Simulator 22
285.03 MB
User Rating:
4 (913)

Required Mods:

- Decorative Details Pack (By: TrianglesTrouble)
- Sawmills Pack (By: OlaHaldor)
- Modern House (By: Edziaszek)
- Ground Stains (By: TopAce888)
- Straw Processing (By: NYKK3)
- Soybean Factory (By: Oncle-Sly)
- Mixing Mill (By: MISSYB)
- Grape Production Pack (By: Chenben)
- Universal Crusher (By: emproLoop)


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