TLX 9000 Series

TLX 9000 Series

The TLX 9000 represents a legend. That legend is now present again! It is the highest customizable truck ever made for Farming Simulator!

Featured functions/options:
- Full animated dashboard
- Dynamic hoses for the connections of the trailers (it depends on the trailer)
- Custom illumination along the whole truck. You will want to drive at night!
- Strapable for easy transportation
- Animated parts such as the cb radio, mudguards and player

Featured configurations available at the store:
- Main configurations (7): Presets that predefine some of the options,special mention to the USA Edition and the Energy Blue
- Special Editions (8): Presets that mainly changes the metals or the color themes applied to the truck
- Main Exhausts (6): Choose your prefered style
- Front Bumpers (6): Starting with the stock option up to the Aussie variant with bullbar!
- Rear Fenders (9): Since a flat frame with nothing up to a split fender setup
- Lighting (3): Mainly when the Rack is selected (addons) and the T-Bumper. The last options features a unique style for the turning signals! Try it out today!
- Addons (3): Rack, Log Rack, Lights :) You pick!
- Visor (3): Stock or dropvisor, also colored!
- Windows Tint (3)
- Liveries (6): Customize the look of your rig! Choose among the 6 options available to make it unique!
- Headlights (2): Choose between the classic looking headlight or a more modern LED Base version
- Rear T-Bumper: Activate or deactivate the amazing looking T-Bumper
- Air Intakes: The classic or the snorkle type available in the store!
- Emergency Beacon Bar (3)
- Interior Themes (7): Customize the interior, leather, agressive colors? Blues? You pick!
- Interior Decorations (2): Activate or not the extra life inside of the cabin
- Frame Exhausts (3): Showroom style exhausts for below the frame include weedburners!
- 3rd Axle Fender (4): Customize the fender to use on the 3rd Axle (it needs to be activated first via the Wheel Configurations)
- Engines (5): Starting with an old 620 engine up to a next genereation engine featuring 2010 hp
- Fuel capacity (5): Customize how much fuel do you want to carry (WARNING! The selection of wheels may collide with the tanks if you choose the WRONG Setup, it's up to you to match it!)
- Color configurations: Select and customize up to 7 different colors on the truck! (It depents on the options active)

Base price: 98200$

Changelog v1.1.0.0: Internal - Not released

Changelog v1.2.0.0:
- 1 new store item; TLX 9000 Service Frame
- Front hitch
- Adjustable fifth wheel
- New set of tires BKT EarthMax
- New Options under Headlights to enable/disable X & V strobe patterns on the grill
- New sounds for all trucks by eFarmer(Erlan10)
- AWD differential setting for the Nokians and BKT's
Farming Simulator 22
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