Welcome to the Bavarian map Fichthal
The hilly map is modeled on the forests and valleys of the Bavarian countryside.
The "More Trees" mod is recommended for all forest enthusiasts (PC).

Map details:
- Over 240 buyable areas, including over 50 forest areas
- 131 fields and 18 meadows
- 7 points of sale
- Several productions installed on the map can be bought with the respective country
- 1 BGA
- 7 farms with 4 animal stables and occasionally buyable buildings
- Occasionally buyable building
- Some new farm buildings and objects
- Field roads with potholes
- 50 Collectibles installed
- There are no mowing missions like Ai Splines to drive included

(No new savegame necessary!)
- Added deco objects (most at Hirschfeld) and added deco to farm buildings
- Court building increased as well as increased gates, added decoration and fixed small bugs
- Doors of farm buildings now also have collision for vehicles
- Fixed missing snow textures on farm building roofs and added specular maps
- Cowshed edited cow purchase trigger and straw bales like straw are now accepted
- Garage with workshop trigger extended to the outside of the workshop for larger machines
- Fixed minor road bugs
- Added Baler to Easy game mode
- Removed concrete slabs at courtyard 1
- Added a new placeable building (large shelter)
- Fixed a few potholes and bumps on the map (only new saves)
- decorative tree trunks are now static and removable
- Placed bushes now have collision and can be removed with cutter or chainsaw
- Adjusted road textures
- Redesigned in-game map

(No new savegame necessary!)
- added new building
-> Small open shelter
-> Medium Open Shelter
-> Large open shelter
-> Medium barn
-> manure pit extension
- Fixed ball trigger on Werner's grain silo
- Wool can now also be sold at the middleman
- Increased silo (small barn)
- Fixed, added and removed textures
- Increased gate trigger
- Manure capacity of cowshed increased to 300000 liters
- Small Barn is no longer an expansion
- License plates changed

(Some trees that have already been felled can appear again and some hedges of the BGA can disappear, otherwise no new save game is necessary!)
- Small hut increased
- Reduced river collision and edited upper river section
- Added balloons
- one vehicle removed from starting vehicles
- Fixed floating trees
-Fence added at meadow 3
- Background edited
- Added own sounds and edited existing ones
- Placed bushes now have collision and can be removed with cutter or chainsaw

(No new savegame necessary for minor mistakes!)
- Fixed minor bugs
- Dairy on the map now consumes more liters per hour. There were problems when selling!
- Cotton is now sellable at middlemen (only on new game levels)
- A sound was removed

(No new savegame necessary!)
- PDA picture renewed (picture by PowerMaik)
- small bug fixed
- Added snow roofs to farm buildings

(No new savegame necessary!)
- Fixed collisions of some bushes

In the Modhub Web you are welcome to report errors and bugs under our trailer :)
Have fun on the map!
Farming Simulator 22
289.80 MB
User Rating:
4.3 (2309)



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