New Holland CR Intellisense And CR 9000

Throughout the seasons, the CR Line's unique Dual Rotor system has proven to deliver the perfect crop for the grower. Now a new milestone is accomplished in this story. We present Intellisense automation that goes beyond everything we already know and makes your day-to-day operation even easier. Maximizes harvesting capacity while minimizing grain loss and damage. Intellisense is intuitive because the machine knows what the producer needs, and will look for the best combination to achieve the best result.

New Holland CR intellisense specifications
- Base price: $325000
- Base power: 503 hp
- CR 7.90 and CR8.90 and CR9.90 engine options
- Engines with 503, 571, 634 CVs corresponding to the previous topic
- 6 optional tire brands
- Single, transport, dual and track tire configurations, each with weight and fire hose configurations on the rear wheels
- Two exhaust options
- Two exhaust pipe options
- Optional internal monitor
- Optional numbering from 1 to 9
- 4 different glass shades
- Three capacity options, these being 12300, 14500 and 23600 liters
- Bulk carrier configurations for normal, with bows and canvas
- Optional US and UK signage
- Optional black wheels
- Compatible with Kubota DLC passenger system
- It has animation of opening the doors, column of the steering wheel and side flags
- optional side platform

Varifeed 41FT
- Price: $70500
- Working width: 12 meters

3162 Superflex Draper 45FT
- Price: $89000
- Working width: 13.7 meters

Changelog V2.0.0.0
Added New Holland CR 9000 model
- Base price: $303000
- Base power: 469 hp
- CR9070, CR9080, CR9090, CR8090, CR 7.90 EVO and CR8.90 EVO engine options
- Engines with 469, 520, 579, 550, 487, 571 CVs corresponding to the previous topic
- It has the same options as the CR Intellisense
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New Holland
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