Lands Of La Mancha

It is a map with many fields to work and enjoy farming, it is based on Spanish lands in the community of Castilla la Mancha.

- Map with different fields, sizes and shapes.
- Sales area where you can sell all your generated products.
- Total fields 95.
- Several places to place.
- Three fields of vines and a cellar.

Accept the challenge of tilling and designing your own farms, creating your spaces to raise your cattle and create a beautiful landscape
around your production buildings. Go ahead, Tierras Manchegas awaits you.

- Two new products were added.
- Garlic cultivation was added.
- Added garlic harvesting machine.
- Added sorted garlic factory.
- New roads added.
- Added flour mill.
- New game required to enjoy all changes.

- You can now sell all Platinum DLC products.
- The ISARIA sensor was implanted in the pivot.
- At Logística La Mancha you can now sell wood, wood chips and wood containers.
- Changed initial position of the pivots.
- Initial position indicator in pivots.
- Changed camera 1 position in pivots.
- Added rotation to cameras in pivots.
- Less decoration in farm house.
- Farmhouse Workshop can now be repainted.
- Adjusted belt height in unload woodchips Pacheco.
- No need to start a new game.

- Fixed bug that did not show the sowing and harvesting season for chickpeas and lentils.
- No need to start a new game.

- Now, in easy mode, you will be the owner of a fictitious company with everything you need to work your fields.
- New game required to enjoy all changes.
- New path from the shop to the animal dealer.
- New point of sale on the plains.
- New farm decoration and new areas, more vehicles when starting the game in easy mode.
- New decoration of some areas.
- Garage can be set up.
- New decoration in the juice cellar and name change.
- New Filler Types added: Pistachios, Almonds and Hydraulic Oil.
- New fruit trees added: Almonds and Pistachios.
- Hydraulic Oil: Increases the production of Almonds, Olives and Pistachios in traditional cultivation. Use in Almond, Olive and Pistachio Harvesting Umbrella.
- New Machinery added and edited to perform new functions on the map.
- Added Almond and Pistachio trees for harvesting with Umbrellas.
- 2 new terrains will appear that will include Almond and Pistachio trees already in place (requires new game).
- Several modifications in information signs.
- Decoration added to the bga and placeables.
- Pallet factory, needed for use in other factories or can be sold.
- New factory for almond oil, pistachio oil, peeled pistachio and peeled almonds.
- New product, almond oil.
- New product, peeled almonds.
- New vegetable fat factory and new product.
- New product, steel nails for the manufacture of pallets.
- New products, pistachio flour, shelled pistachio, sweets, mixed nuts, nougat, macarons.
- The field includes the pivot used to fertilise fields or treat weeds with herbicides.
- New factory for artisan productions and new products.
- Collectables available.
- New point of sale Logistic La Mancha.

IMPORTANT: Map compatible with mod FS22_Olives by raulycristi1.
Farming Simulator 22
408.87 MB
User Rating:
4.2 (1888)

Required Mods:

- Placeable Ramp (By: Pisty | Vanquish081)
- Multifruit Container + ITRunner Pack (By: raulycristi1 [VSR Modding Sur])
- Low Cost Silos (By: erShaba (VSR Modding Sur))



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