Valtra T Series CVT South America

Valtra's line of T Series heavy-duty tractors is equipped with the CVT transmission,
the brand's exclusive CVT transmission for the 195 to 250 horsepower range. More robust and with a unique transmission differential for the category, offering the best power ratio, quality in operation, comfort, and technology to South American farmers.
This tractor has customized sounds in all its animations, whether when entering, opening the hood, opening the doors or lowering the front axle.
It also features a much improved cab suspension, flexible roof or Px antenna, steering wheel column and sunshade animation.
If you are looking for a unique vehicle, the wide range of options makes it possible. Build your Valtra for different jobs, whether light or heavy duty. For sugar cane or rice cultivation there is always an option to build your unique Valtra.

Manufacturer: AGCO Valtra
Model: T Series CVT
Standard engine: CW3 AGCO Power iEGR
Transmission: Valtra CVT
Maximum speed: 55 km/h

Price: 135000
Power: 195, 210, 230, 250, 280, 320 hp
Category: Medium tractors
Weight: 11t
Fuel Tank: 500L
Wheels: Standard, Standard With Hubs, Wide tires, Dual tires, Open Gauge Cane tires, Rice tires
Animations: Hand throttle, Manche, PowerShuttle, Light Buttons, Alert Light Button, Monitor, Monitor Startup Animation when Starting the Engine
Controllable Animations: Door, Rear Window, Hood, Sun Shade, Steering Column Prick, Steering Column Turn, Hydraulic Front Suspension Adjustment
Configurations: Fenders, Wheels, Lights, GPS, Glasses, Weights and Canavieiras Protections, Wheel Counterweights, Cab Design, Exhausts, FL Coupler, Engine.
Colors: Base, Exhaust Color, Counter Weights Color, Wheel Color, Barrel-Crown Color.
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