Welcome to 'Frühling', a small dreamy region in the center of Germany.

### Overview ###

The fictional map is designed for small to medium-sized machines. It has a beautiful rustic farm, 14 fields, 7 meadows and 1 forest area. In addition, the map is equipped with numerous sales and production points right from the start.

The farm includes cows, chickens, sheeps and the horse 'Hope'. In addition, the farm has a fermenting silo, a multi-store and a greenhouse. There are flat fields in front of and behind the farm that are suitable for building.

### Update ###

- new savegame required
- added selling station for vehicles
- added new field barn (to use, you must buy the farmland)
- removed the start vehicles from the "Farm Manager" level
- feed amount adjusted for chickens and sheeps
- various improvements

### 'Frühling' ~ recharge your power in calm ###

Do you know what the most important thing for a boxer is? You have to be able to taking punches! Because it doesn't matter how strong you are or how well prepared you are ... at some point you will be hit and maybe even sent to your knies. That's part of it... just like standing up!

Stress, fears, worries and problems keep catching up with us... and that's why it's particularly important to find moments of calm... in which we can hide the negative ballast and recharge our inner battery... then we're ready for the next round.

And if it has hit you particularly hard, then you still have your faithful friend 'Hope' at your side: the black stallion senses when you need him ... and he will be there for you!

Of course you are also welcome to come to my holiday home on the lake promenade ... we can have a barbecue, play chess or just look at the lake ... only one thing is important: the ballast stays outside.

I look forward to your visit in 'Frühling'!
Farming Simulator 22
79.06 MB
User Rating:
4.5 (3665)

Required Mods:

- Hessian Farm (By: BERNIE MW)


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