Farmhouse Loderer

First, let's start with a little time travel. The building was built around the year 1820. At that time, both the farmer's family and the servants (maid and servant) were on the farm. Any work was done by hand or with animals.
In 1902, the property included 12.3 hectares of meadow and 5.8 hectares of arable land. It is recorded that around 1938 one horse, six cows, two oxen, four to six calves, five to six sheep, one to two pigs and around 20 poultry were kept on the farm.
So you can see, it was never a big farm. The barn was converted into a tethered barn in 1940. In 1990 the barn was rebuilt again and now has space for 15-20 cows, which are free to choose whether they want to be inside or outside. The calves are also placed in the barn.
The hayloft can be driven on to store equipment or straw.

- Construction costs: 134800 $
- Daily Upkeep: 120 $
- Workshop trigger in the basement
- Accessible hayloft
- Cows are fed in the barn
- Litter is in the stable
- The cows are delivered outside at the gate to the pasture.
- The house itself has NO sleeping function!
- All Doors can be recoloured
- Shutters open during the day, closed at night.
- All doors are animated and openable.
- Light for all important areas of the building
- Many extras to make the building appear as authentic as possible.

- Additive:
A small bank to have a sleep trigger

- New: Residential building trigger on the front door
-> There may be errors here when you open the save game for the first time after the update. After saving and reloading, everything should be fine again.
- New: Support for the Manure System Mod
- New: Windowpane
- Changed: Completely new Ambient Occlusion Map, as well as matching signs of aging on the building.
- Changed: Building visibility significantly reduced (Modhub instruction)
- Fixed: "Plate" in the enclosure, why the cows did not always adapt to the terrain.
- Fixed: Shadow Issues

- Fixed a bug with the Pump's n Hoses DLC
- Added icons
- Sounds added when placing
- Added more colors for the color choice of the gates
- Wardrobe trigger added to the bench

- Collision on the hayloft fixed
- Boards on the hayloft scaled correctly
- Ground texture changed to "asphalt" because "plates" was not available on all maps and so there was mud around the building.
- Hotspot added
Farming Simulator 22
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