Calmsden Farm

Welcome to Calmsden Farm This map is based in Gloucestershire UK.

- Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
- Real life PDA map
- Custom lighting xml with deeper blue sky and darker nights
- Animations - birds flying across the map pedestrians etc.
- Custom textures with Parralax mapping
- Over 50 Hd new models made by myself.
- 36 fields with missions - small/medium/huge.
- 2 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
- 5 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
- Seasons visuals- Summer bbqs,mowers,washing lines etc Autumn - falling leaves from trees.
Winter - snowmen,iccles and many more!.
- collectables
- Uk license plates built into map
- Custom grass textures.
- Loads of Custom sounds.

Attention: This version is more of an upgrade and Needs a new save due to map structure changed due to adding new fruits.

- Brand new fruit "linseed"
- Custom uk Geo with linseed added
- A couple New and improved ground textures.
- Stars with Constellations at night.
- Gate Animations have now been moved to the map.
- In multiplayer all players can now open gates/doors etc.
- Fixed issue on dedicated servers where doors and gates were out of line.
- Gates collisions and scales have all been improved .
- Few collisions fixed.
- Collision in bunker removed.
- All productions can now be sold at some sell points.
- Brand new HD weed textures added to the map (Cow parsley and nettles).
- Placeables are now are bought with the land.
- Chicken pasture can now be sold without gates.
- Fixed junk in barns and horse items not removing since game patch 1.3.
- Precision farming support with custom Gloucestershire soil map.
- land for sale signs can now be sold.
- Fixed number plates turning blue in some siturations.

NO new save is required but a few issues above will only be fixed when you do start a new game.

- Field 23 free fixed.
- Couple of collectables are hard to get to.
- Add oats and sorghum to sell points ( all other productions etc are meant to be sold through your own placeables).
- couple of collison issues.
- added the option to buy BGA in multiplayer.
- Various other tweaks and fixes .
- Reworked placeables sell values.
- Made horse training field placeable so people can remove it and farm it if you like.
- Added more paint on ground textures in landscaping tool.
- Animal troughs capacity increased.
- Pig pasture sellable so the field can be farmed.
- Barn door collisions at cow farm fixed.
- Floating tree fixed.
- Couple items in middle of field 3 deleted.
- Added ability to sell cotton bales at sell points for mission contracts.
- Slightly improved grass texture.
- Improved straw trigger at cow barn.
- Added a animated slurry plane to the cow slurry pit so you can see how much you have visually.

Gates out of line on dedicated servers and the main farm being able to open gates in multiplayer will be hopefully fixed when Giants release patch 1.3.

I Hope you all like this map.
Farming Simulator 22
591.59 MB
User Rating:
4.5 (18247)


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