John Deere CS 770 And SH8R And SH12F

John Deere CS770 comes to increase the yield of your harvest, the cotton-stripper has a larger work area, having a folding header system for better transport.

John Deere CS770 /SH12F
- Price: $913000
- Power: 515 hp
- Working width: 10.5 meters
- Transport speed: 20 mph
- Optional tire brands: Trelleborg, Michelin, CONTINENTAL, Mitas, Vredestein and BKT
- Optional glass shades
- 3 models of optional mirrors
- Door opening animations and inner panel displacement

Changelog V2.0.0.0
A new system for your cotton harvest is now available for your farm, now you can engage and disengage the cotton picker, this makes it possible for you to choose between the John Deere SH8R and SH12F pickers present in this mod, in addition to facilitating the transport of your machinery.

Now it is possible to fold the CS770 even after exceeding 15% of the capacity of the first container, even with 100% of its load it is possible to fold.

The version with the picker fixed to the harvester was maintained, so the CS770 with the ability to hook the pickers, and the John Deere SH8R and SH12F pickers were added.

Sorter bars located in the cotton implements category

General specifications of the two versions of the CS770
- Power: 515 hp
- Transport speed: 20 mph
- Optional tire brands: Trelleborg, Michelin, CONTINENTAL, Mitas, Vredestein and BKT now also featuring tires for transport
- Optional 4 shades of glass
- 3 optional mirrors
- Optional numbering from 1 to 9
- It has steering wheel height animations, two-point inclination of the steering wheel column
- Seat height adjustment, as well as forward and backward adjustment, so you can adjust the internal camera the way you prefer
- When opening the door, the sound of the engine inside the cabin becomes louder, giving more realism to the animation
- Maintained the inner panel displacement animation
- Panel animation when unloading cotton bales
- Added lights to panels giving greater realism, as well as loading screens when starting
- Improved internal sound
- Fixed mirrors bug

John Deere CS 770
- Price: $763000
- Enabled for engagement and disengagement of the selector bars

John Deere SH8R
- Price: $60000
- Working area: 6.8 meters

John Deere SH12F
- Price: $150000
- Working area: 10.5 meters
- Features folding function for transport
Farming Simulator 22
John Deere
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