Frankenmuth Farming Map

Welcome to Frankenmuth Farming Map, this map is a Michigan, USA style farming map located near the city of Frankenmuth.

- Map has 41 fields ranging from small to large in size.
- There are 3 farms located on the map. You must buy the land before you can use or sell the buildings.
- There are 2 small forest areas on the map for logging.
- Water can be found at the water tower in town for a small fee.
- There are 100 wooden toys, 5 sugar beets, and 5 small model Massey Ferguson 1155 tractors on the map to be found.
- There multiple sell points, production faculties placed in the map and a train. No BGA placed.
- Map has custom growth calendar.
- The terrain on the map is mostly flat with some rolling hills, valleys, and ditches.

Enjoy the map and have fun.

Changelog: (New save NOT required.)
- Fixed bale issue with Göweil DLC Pack
- Added Barn with object storage. 600 Capacity.

Changelog: (New save NOT required.)
- Updated barns to fix colisions, door separation, and snow mask.
- Added tree light decoration.
- Added repaint option to workshop shed.
- Removed multiple materials on same node issues.

Changelog (New save NOT required.)
- Fixed TMR using alfalfa bales.

Changelog (New save NOT required.)
- Changed street lights for a new style.
- Soybean harvest ready texture changed
- Added more paintable ground textures in the construction menu.
- Misc updates.

Changelog (New save is NOT REQUIRED as long as you updated to version 1.6)
- Potato textures changed for harvest state.
- 2 placable barns added in store.
- Buyable land reconfigured to include some roads and area where factories are placed.
- Corrected soybeans in rows thru each growth stage.

Changelog (NEW SAVE IS REQUIRED. Old Saves will not work without errors.)
- Custom sugar beet piler factory for added realism with sugar beet harvesting. When owned by player, the piler will give you tare dirt. Take dirt back to field and dump. Dirt piles can be leveled and will disappear when using any field working implements. If not owned by player it will be a sell point without tare dirt.
- Tare Dirt fill type added.
- Corn, Soybeans, and Sugar beets visuals changed slightly.
- Soybeans are in rows.
- Two culverts added for easier entry into fields.
- AI splines added to new culverts.
- Bushes and trees added to main ditch by western farm.
- Western farm area expanded slightly.
- Alfalfa crop added and integrated with animals.
- Alfalfa bale textures.
- New rolling texture.
- Adjusted crop yields slightly.
- Buyable land reworked. Wooded areas are now in separate sections.
- Removed the door to nowhere by silo in town.
- Changed netwrap texture on Hay, Alfalfa Hay, and Straw round bales.

- Water added to ditches.
- Buyable land adjusted to open up more forestry areas.
- Contracts for train going to Goldcrest Valley have been removed.
- Goldcrest Valley has been renamed to Birch Run Township.
- Lighting in placeable sheds has been adjusted.
- Adjusted/Added AI splines for better navigation using the AI.
- Custom crop calendar added. Corn can harvest in December. Sugar beets can start harvest in September.
- Snow mask removed where buildings were placed.
- Crop prices adjusted for train sell point to make more rewarding.
- Custom soil map added for Precision Farming DLC.
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