Engine Starter

Engine Starter is back and better than ever! Lots of extra features, and options. Set it up the way you want!

Settings can be changed within the game's settings menu. Settings are saved immediately, so you can change your preferences without needing to save the game.

- Automatically start the engine when you try to drive off
- Quick Start the engine, so you can drive off immediately
- Operate the steering with the engine off (you don't need power steering!)
- Operate Moving Parts with the engine off (they're probably electric anyway, right?)
- Raise and lower implements with the engine off (electric hydraulic pump, maybe?)
- Extend/retract your pipe with the engine off
- Discharge your cargo with the engine off
- Toggle your Crab Steering with the engine off
- Fold and Unfold implements with the engine off
- Automatically start the engine when you turn on an implement that requires the PTO
- Automatically shifts to neutral gear, if required, so the engine can start
- Engine Starting and Quick Start alerts can be turned on or off
- Keep trailer tipped after disconnecting
- Allow pipes to discharge with the engine off, or while trailer is disconnected

- Pipes on harvesters and auger wagons will now discharge if menu setting is Always Allow for Discharge (even if trailer not attached)
- Fixed bug where base-game automatic engine start wasn't disabled on new save game
- Engine stop timer is reset when leaving vehicle (essentially disabling it, due to base-game bug)
- Settings menu moved to own tab, in game settings screen
- Added setting to keep trailer discharging after disconnecting from vehicle
- Added Finnish translations
- Fixed error on game exit
- Fixed conflict with "Additional Game Settings" mod
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