Pallet Autoload Specialization

Base Mod for using Mods with Pallet Autoload Specialization

An example of how to use in your own mod you will find in the Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload.
Currently supported from the standard game:
- Standard Euro pallets
- Liquid tanks
- Big bag pallets
- Round bales
- Square bales 120/180/220/240
- Bigbags
Pallets from the following mods can be used:
- Package Of Premium Pallets And Bags
- HoT Fries Factory
In addition, all Euro pallets that are constructed according to the principle of the basic play pallets.

Activate loading with [B] and then drive next to a pallet or bale to load it.
Make sure that you have selected the correct load.
The pallets or bales will then lie on the loading area as if they were loaded by hand.
Do not forget to fasten the straps, otherwise they will slip.
You can select the unloading side with [U] and unload with [I].
The loading switches off automatically when there is no more loading area.
You can also switch it off yourself with [B].

Instructions for build in and help you will find on the Bitbucket Wiki

Upload on other sites only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO substitute link!
Modifying and re-uploading in whole or in part is not allowed!

- Incorrect info trigger collision masks and incorrect light trigger RigidBodyTypes are now corrected with log message. (Attention, this is reported by the mod with info in the log. However, depending on the constellation, the LS may then display an additional warning. The information contains data about the mod that contains the wrong triggers. These errors must be corrected by the modder of the respective mod).
- Definition for standard cargo moved to XML to make it easier to add more and have a better overview.
- Packet added that shows all vehicles with a configuration for the autoloader.
- Liquid tanks from Farm Production DLC can now be loaded like other liquid tanks
- Improved load detection with Course Play
- Tensioning strap setting is now also taken into account when manually ending the loading process
- Dependence on itself removed, so that it can be deleted again on the Dedi
- Liquid tanks are now no longer stackable, regardless of the available loading height
- Readout error of Lua rounded for better loading result
- Vegetable pallet added if Premium DLC is available
- M+ feed pallets defined as oversized
- Improved translations in different languages
- Added LoadHeightOffset for pallets whose origin is not under the pallet
- By configurable key (default CTRL+ALT+Y) the load can be selected automatically based on what is in load range
- A selection of loadable objects is displayed in the purchase menu.
- When loading on an AL, the loaded objects are taken out of the loading list for the other ALs (fix for Giants Trigger error).
- Improved loading behaviour. Everything is held virtually as long as the loading process is active, which should improve loading in the field.
- Vehicles equipped with the autoloader now have stronger straps.
- Bales are now only recognised if they are registered
- Revision of pickup collisions for AI traffic. (If bigbags were activated, load has to be approached again)
- Problem with too fast loading at the new object storages fixed with adding adelay on load
- Bales and pallets are only loaded when they are no longer attached to another Attacher
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